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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Electronic Entertainment in the Southland

Okay, so I promised a quiz, and I lied. Never trust a writer. :)

Back from E3, and saturated with cybernetic suggestions. So much light for those who live in tunnels; so much sound, but where's the fury? I had a hella good time, but that's due mostly to the people I spent time with.

Chris and Kev, thanks for hangin' out. Ex 3DO crew in effect! Those SRS girls don't know what they're missing. But Joe and Ed, I never saw ya. What up?

Dianna, thanks for the crash space, the company, and for the crazy drunken drama stories. Write it down! Miss you much, and glad your man's gonna make it back safe n' sound. Let me know if you run into Andrea (now that you know she's down there. *cough*). Don't be a stranger, okay?

Michaeleen, you always light up this sad boy. Thank you for sharing an eclipse. I now remember why I always hated math homework. Come rage Chinatown with me! And as always, remember me to anyone from the RUPO crew that you see or hear from; I owe each of those crazy kids a whole lot.

Yay, Kat! I can't even believe I ran into you in the middle of all that. Sorry I missed you on Friday! Are you still drawing stuff on your own time? Write sometime and let me know what you're up to, and what the rest of the Loma Linda mob is cooking up.

eurolymius, as always, you R0XX0R my B0XX0Rs; damn good to see you, girl, and early happy b-day! It was cool meeting Brian, too (but personally, I think you ought to go after that purple haired Dead or Alive chick; she was so giving you the eye. Oh, yeah she was. Just wear those wings you had on, and you'll own her. Rowr). Keep kicking ass, pirate style. Next time around, beer's on me.

::sighhhh.... yawwwwn:: Time for all good Hermits to catch some shuteye. And the bad ones, too. Which means I'm out.

Dream sweetly.

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Myke on the mic

Hell yeah Ken you spelled my name right,
64 superhero points for you.

Of COURSE I spelled your name right. I told you; I just ride the slow bus 'cause I'm not in a hurry. :)

Hey, that RUPO poetry submission section is looking kind of sparse. Someone ought to do something about that. ::nudge:: Though maybe first we oughta call the board moderator and get that wanna-be Klan punkass off the posts section.

Well Ken, I think you're fucking charming. Your smile, well it melts me! Cheers!

Tch. Sweet talker. :) (Good thing brown folk don't blush.)

Hey, when I got back into town, I went to the bookstore at the Sony Metreon. They were having a sale on manga volumes, 5 for $25. I now have three volumes of Blade of the Immortal, and I am hooked like a parasite on the intestinal lining of comix genius. I owe you big time for the tip. Thanks, sweetie!

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