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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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In Drift

Death Guild on Monday night was fun. I mean, everyone there irritated me, and there were moments where I nearly drowned outside in conversational snippets about who thinks who's an asshole or who put something mean on LiveJournal or who's fat or not fat but that's okay, moments when I thought I just might lose my feeble grip on sanity and wreak terrible bloody vengeance armed with only an empty gin cup, a relentless will, and an Unseelie need to inflict pain on the deserving...

But. But I love the noise and black light and had a blast hanging out with my friends. More lowkey than a hardcore show, more upbeat than a coffee shop, it was just right. Sometimes electronic music makes everything better. ^_^

I can barely sleep, lately. But I feel okay. It's odd.

Living in Hyperlinks

Don't grab the Filipino bride's ass...
because we will fucking kill and eat you.

Homeland Security rolls a Critical Fumble on Tabletop Gaming
Spotted on Insert Credit.

BattleGround Trailer.
Brought to you by the Guerrilla News Network. A documentary on the war in Iraq... from Iraq. This is worth your fucking time. Download Quicktime if you need to. See both sides. Stay informed.

My love to you all. I am* reading you, though I've been a lazy poster lately.