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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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I almost forgot to mention...

Bujingai: The Forsaken City is in stores now.

Rent it for the action. Buy it for the J-pop goodness and subtitled interviews w/ Gackt, Maaya Sakamoto, and more. Either way = teh win.

I'm not just saying that because I cramped my "supple gaming hands," talked myself hoarse, and used every ounce of my kung-fu skill to stall legions of screaming visual kei fangirls (and boys) in the process of localizing this thing for you people. ;) Honest.

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...I hit this one and was slammed back into my seat by a review that, from my perspective, seemed a bit harsh. The person seemed wholly unimpressed, seemed to consider this game a knock-off of another game or, possibly worse, some sort of cheesy homage or day-dream fullfillment of a Japanese celebrity. (Who, sadly it seems, I've never heard of...big surprise.)

Lacking a storyline...that hurts. Who was in charge of storyline?? It couldn't have been our Ken, a fabulous sotryteller...given the chance to focus on it for any length of time...not HIM, the great Hermit! Whoever it was...take them out to the parking lot and have them executed dishonorablly.

Storyline without action is as bad as action without storyline.

That has to be some sort of WiseMan saying somewhere.

Anyways, I'll have Buck check it out, since I'm a more storyline-oriented player and he's more action-oriented.:)

Don'chu be talkin' 'bout my baby! :D

Let me not overstate my role; I had nothing to do with the basic content of the title or it's mechanics. I only helped coordinate the team that brought the game overseas, and got the cast interviews subtitled.

That said, I personally am quite fond of the story, which is an extremely simple tale of the final cost for actions of vengeance. ^^ Though the cinemas do not by any means comprise the focal point of the game, I think they're rather lovely. I pick tougher critiques to read because I find them more informative then glowing, fluffy reviews... hell, a bad review often makes me more interested in some games, which makes them different to me than movies and such. There is a nicer review here, though - http://www.gamemethod.com/Console/440/bujingai-the-forsaken-city-ps2-review

Certainly, it is a game for people who feel that hitting things with a sword is it's own reward, and those looking for thought-provoking literary value should seek elsewhere. :D That said, I would say it's one of the best of it's kind ever on the PS2. But I would never urge somebody to drop money on it just 'cause my names in it. I'm just... expressing.
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