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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Many links, no lj-cut. I deform your Friends page NOW!

I love this song. To the Tune of "Great Rock Candy Mountain."

I love this song too.
And it has Skeletor.

My roommate's breakfast cereal advertises a web site. Yesterday I saw an old man on a celphone walking his dog on a collar festooned with alternately flashing glowing blue lights. My morning radio station advises me that I can call in from wherever I'm listening, including the Sirius Satellite. And I am
desperately fascinated with these fuel cells. It's the 21st century, and I'm beginning to finally feel okay about not having a flying car.

I was going to drop some scathing if not necessarily dramatically insightful criticism on our current governing body here. Instead, I leave it up to Canada.

I know, old news, but still, I'm fascinated by this Art Heist.
I mean, whereever these guys are right now and whatever they're doing, it would make such a great short film. So... IS art theft? ^_^

Unhealthy Reki fetish
So, I am a Haibane Renmei fan, obviously. So I'm going to crush over the following cosplayer shots, obviously. Credit for the first shot goes to albatordomi, credit for the second goes to lushdesolation, both of the LJ community haibane.

That is all.

Gimme Gamepunk.
Justin Hall of GameGirlAdvance reviews a game rock/fashion event at the Smell in Los Angeles. It sounds like it was as aggro and as fun as it needed to be. For those of you who like to keep an eye on what your Pop Culture has been eating lately... go look.

Have I not yet offended you enough? Must you dare yet more, mortal? Here, then. Enjoy this recipe for Seal Brain Fritters. Oh, yes I did. That's right.
The rest of the site's menu is the culinary equivalent of fresh roadkill... you wanna look away, but something makes you keep staring... check out the Spam Shake while you're there.

Kingdom of Loathing
A game of magical fun, for you! ^_^

Ah-HAHAHAHhahaHAHAHAHHHHHH! Oh, oh shit. Whew. Hee.

That's all. Writing seen (edit: that was supposed to say "Writing soon," but I like "seen" better). Comment ca va?

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INteresting anime.

And the clip? Well, once I got it to load it was pretty funny. (Makes me glad my own life is not videotaped...oi)

People and their fascination with winged people. Kinda funny. :)


Freezepop, awesome. I'll actually READ your post later.

That is the cutest unasuming enigmatic smile. As though she had no wings nor halo, like it was a trick of the light. The dark background masks the wire too. Very cool.

Kingdom of Loathing! HA! Accordian Thieves....hehehe. Clumsy ninjas. Oh my.

Art heist. Ya'd think it would take more than a smash and grab number, but they got away with it!

I have only managed to watch the first two episodes of Haibane Rinmei and I loved it...though being on the non monitary side of life has kept me from owning it i have seriously considered stealing it for the good of Yorukind....

Please tell me if i do decide to attempt it that its worth the jail time =D

I haven't actually finished watching it, I still have to see the fourth volume, which is supposed to be the heart-wrenchingest.

The art and direction of the series have both been lovely, and I personally find it to be one of my favorites; it finds a nice niche between fantastical setting and realistic human drama (a little less whimsical than Spirited Away, but a bit closer to home).

Just make sure when you get locked up that you don't talk TOO much about cute japanese girls with sin-stained wings. From some of the prison stories I've heard, you may end up in a fantasy setting of a whooooooole different kind...

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