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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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October? WTF?

Whew. Back in focus.

And back in town, for a change.

That last trade show was a bitch and a half. I can function on minimal or no sleep, but sometimes it sucks. Thanks go to my stalwart partner Ms. Engleheart. Using tech savvy, bareknuckle skill, and tight bondage pants we all wish we looked as good in, she helped run our booth efficiently and kept the humans from flanking me.

My jaws are noisome; filled not with pain but with a distracting sense of pressure. This is no doubt due to the sharklike alien teeth that are emerging from my hindgums, at a 90 degree outward angle, and struggling to kick all the other teeth in front of them out. I predict, if this isn't attended to soon, that the infection will begin to produce several lamprey-like rings of sharpened teeth in place of my normal, human-looking smile. Time to start ringing up dentists.

Lest I forget, many thanks to my dear, clever, and beautiful Muses, who from utterly opposite ends of the country somehow contrive to inspire and enliven me, as well as keeping my writing edge whetted.

Books most recently finished:

What Dreams May Come by Richard Matheson. Now I have to find the movie, which I can't quite recall seeing. Mysteriously, though we've all seen it a hundred times sitting alone and unloved at the video rental place, it was not there when I looked for it last night.

Spellfire by Ed Greenwood. Currently rereading the whole Shandril trilogy, just for nostalgia value. Other than Salvatore's Crystal Shard stuff, and the Azure Bonds (Finder's Stone) trilogy by Kate Novak and Jeff Grubb, this is one of my favorites out the early Forgotten Realms books -- in my admittedly narrow judgement, those three series were the best and brightest of that lot.

Films most recently watched:

Tomie: Replay
Critics slammed this one, mostly to the tune of "It's not enough like the manga," or, "Pretty-looking but slow, not enough scare factor." Maybe I'm just not as much of a horror movie buff, and thus not jaded, but to me the best part of a horror movie isn't in the "shocker" parts, but in the little touches. White garbed figures limping far away down dimly-lit hospital corridors and something's wrong but you don't know what... the little whimpers and giggles in between bludgeoning strikes... the sound of serrated metal teeth sawing on bone, back and forth and back and forth and back and forth....

The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra
Supreme Shock Sensation of our time! This was the day the earth was disembowled in terror! I'm not even kidding. If you harbor even a tiny spark of love for old B-movies (which this is not... and yet it IS), please go see this right now, tonight. You may quite possibly rupture your sternum laughing.

*SPOILER ALERT* The following link is to a website that divulges the entire plot of the movie, though you have to scroll far down to read it all. You may want to watch it first.
Suicide Club, properly "Suicide Circle", by Sion Sono.
54 Japanese schoolgirls throw themselves under a Tokyo-bound train to open this pseudo-suspense film that defies all categorization. Part chilling detective drama, part hacker movie, buckets of blood liberally dosed with kawaii J-pop cuteness and even a dose of glam opera, all wrapped up in a Vonnegutian satire of disturbing proportions. I don't even know how to describe it, other than as one of the absolute best films I've seen all year.

Um... hey, go watch those. What have you been up to lately, anyway?

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Yay, Suicide Club director's cut. My favorite part was when the housewife was happily sawing off her fake-looking hand.

... saw this movie, and you did not come and inform me, personally, immediately?

You leave me with no choice.

From Horizon to Horizon, and in all the lands betwixt, let it be known that eurolymius hath been decreed a pop culture sponge, thusly and specifically guilty of the Crime of Low Transmission Speed with Regards to New Asian Cinema.

Henceforth, all whom she encounters are given leave to perform extreme corporal punishment upon her person in the form of bare hands or belts laid across the buttocks, not less than once and not more than thrice, from this day forward until this August Court hath decreed her penitent, or until her tastes in recreation hath changed markedly.

Witnessed in the Third Year of the Second Millenium Anno Domini, by all and sundry purveyors of this established Internet Arena.

It is written.

The bone sawing... AHHH! ::CRiiiIIinge.::

But the Hero at the last battle in a wheel chair kicked ass!

Hey, hey, hey...guess who *finally* saw Cowboy Bebop the movie? Brilliant.

Soon I plan to see the puppet-mocking-movie-of-America-World-Police. Review pending.

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