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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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"The Knowledge. It Fills Me. It is Neat."

Guys: Look Good at Any Age
Slow down the clock with exercise tips for your 20s, 30s, 40s & up

I cannot explain to you in any human dialect how much I detest the FORCE in my head that compels me to click on such links. The MSN Today window that pops open whenever I turn on Messenger is a Pusher, a sickening Pied Piper call to start eating right, start giving a shit about Must See TV, dating tips, paying attention to those real estate values, seeking out that hearty good advice for being a more productive and less disruptive citizen. Understand, it’s not the ads themselves, it’s the SCIENCE behind it all, the dark occultic practices that go into analyzing how BIG the text should be, what the colors are that will catch my eye, what sinister catch-phrases are most likely to make stop and look. “Better Living to Generate Revenue.”

I am questing for a pair of full on “adventure goggles,” something sunglasses-like but involving a rubber strap and a paralyzingly cool reflective tint, useful for operating in sandstorms, or underwater, or at the anime bar. I was looking around stores for them over the weekend but didn’t spot anything that was really like the hazy picture existing in me cranium. Anyone got any suggestions?

Angry-making Media! GYAARRRRHH!

Fahrenheit 9/11
Michael Moore's forced “winkwink-nudgenudge” delivery can get a little irritating at times, but nevertheless it was as good as I expected, a useful time-capsule of relevant facts that may have been battered out of your mind by Fox News and MSN Today, a little record that people will use to observe and reflect on our time and place, as they fondly murmur, “Jesus, people back then were really stupid, weren’t they…?”

Supersize Me
Ever wondered what it would be like to exist on a diet of fast food? HAha, no, I mean really. Three times a day, breakfast lunch, and dinner, same restaurant, all the time. Here’s your answer, which doctors and viewers alike found universally horrifying.

The Weather Underground
Documentary on the underground movement that bombed multiple locations in protest of numerous human rights violations during the Vietnam Era, and busted Leary out of the joint. Worth the viewing, so we can see how human history repeats itself, and also a reminder that colored people get shot in their beds for shit that gets white folk a stern talking-to, so plan your terrorist actions accordingly.

PWN3D. Jon Stewart rips CNN's Crossfire a new one.
I haven't missed having a TV for years. I mean, there are some programs that I would have LIKED to see, but nothing much that truly regretted missing, secure in the knowledge that whatever it is will come out on DVD at some point in time. But THIS, I truly wish I'd seen this live, as it was airing. Because the news media needs to hear this kind of thing where they can't ignore it. So here is fifteen minutes of Stewart explaining to Crossfire's two hosts why they are partisan hacks, in no uncertain terms, right in their faces and pulling no punches. The link has transcripts, partial clips, and the full segment for download. It's hysterical, blunt, and on point. Heroic work, Mr. Stewart. Thanks.

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We watched Supersize Me in film class just this week!

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