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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Gallows Journal Piece

X-posted to mayven

Here. This was originally intended to be a bracketing segment, segueing into Chapter 2 of the Thieves storyline, currently being transcribed from log form into normal prose by the dauntless Cap'n.

It came out a bit long and a touch dry for a simple transition, but regardless of that, it still reads like a Nic piece, and I enjoyed putting it together quite a bit. Also I was in the middle of a meeting and trying not to fall asleep while I wrote it, in which situation it helped immeasurably. ^_^ Hope you like, or that at least it sparks something, even if that something is critique.

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In my journals and my musings, I thought once that I strove to capture the essence, the beings and doings of those around me, for my own edification and perhaps for another one day to peruse, to know of those events and characters that populate… no, that compose my life. But I soon came to realize that this was a futile activity, more futile than trying to catch one of those back-of-the-room whispers that changes in the hearing. The characters that I record, the people that I love and hate and pay no mind to, they would stand in a different regard to you. You would experience them differently, and that would not change were I to dedicate my entire life to capturing the art of the Word. My writings are always and never more than a record of their impact upon me.

This is not to say that such writings would be without merit; though I came late in life to reading, both the art of Discourse and the art of Story have marked my life indelibly. More, it is to illustrate that I began to think differently than I did when I began writing, about what it was to exist here in this sphere, in this unique state of being we somewhat shortsightedly call Life. I had begun to believe that my value (in a logical sense) came not primarily from my one viewpoint, my perception of my existence – but rather more from your perception of my existence, my impact on the world around me.

We can never be entirely certain that we are not Alone… that one day all our days might not be revealed to be smoke and phantoms, tricks of the mind. Nevertheless most of us choose to fly in the face of this. I believe that there is an entirety of You, outside of my perception of You; in so believing, I take on the burden of Living. In so doing, I acknowledge that as You are a character in my story, I may be a character in yours, and many others besides. Therefore, I may be a good author of one person’s story, but in addition, I must be a good character in many more.

When morning comes, does it matter whether I was dreaming you, or you me -- as long as the dream was a good one?

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And NicE to boot. :)

It might actually work to break it down into smaller parts to insert between more of the next portion of transcribing. (Provided I can get it off the old computer any time soon...grrrr. I REALLY dun wanna start all over again...really.) OR, I could simply find a "halfway" in there and it could splice neatly between the first half and second half and then provide a nice "Wrap up" for both, uh, halves...

::coounts the halves to be sure she's not coming up with too many...::

Yeah! Okay....so, now I got to get my act in gear. Heh...::whistles and shuffles offstage...::

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