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8 Bit dreams

(What happens when you were raised by an NES).

Dreamspace, 8 am, the land between snooze buttons...

The family and I (odd, that) are at the beach. Overcast - the sea, the sand, and the sky are all in greyscale (when I look at the water I am thinking blue, but I am not really seeing it).

My brother is swimming, testing to see how long he can hold his breath, Dad says (He disappears beneath the waves for long, long moments at a time, though always resurfacing). You can see him quite clearly amisdst the slate blue-grey waves, as his red cap (which miraculously stays affixed to his head while swimming) is a stark contrast.

There is a large, grey creature tethered to a spot on a sort of set of risers or a raised platform area behind us (we are facing the water). The tethers are sturdy; on closer inspection, they are made of lengths of safety-chain (metal cable enclosed in plastic, like the kind used for bikes or for securing laptops in public places), these lengths twined together to form even thicker ropes. The creature, though I cannot clearly see him, gives the impression of being somewhat canid and somewhat reptilian. He is inert, but I hear a sort of distant whining, suffering sound. We decide to free him; ready knives to the cables. Mom is doing most of the cutting, but it is handed off to me from time to time when her fingers get sore (preliminary arthritis, you know).

The first length of rope, the one that holds the thing down by its' neck, is parted (the knife cut remarkably well even through metal cable). I step back to get a better look, and the cinematic camera-view obligingly zooms out to show me that the creature is much larger than I was able to perceive, on its' elevated platform. It is still bound by many cables, but with the one around its' neck gone, its' nostrils flare as if to catch a faint whiff of freedom. It rises up onto all fours and lurches forward, with enough force to rock the foundations of the cliff it is tied to. Again and again, it steps back off camera, and lunges forward again, in the dim hopes that just one less cable might prove the difference between slavery and freedom, and as this hope falters, its' rage begins to grow.

Back, and once more forward, this time standing, balanced on its hind legs so that it can throw its' full weight against its' shackles as it lunges this time, vibrating with silent fury. In one appendage, lifted from somewhere off camera, it bears a massive Hammer, whose head is a smooth, reflective, silver bullet-like construct, impaled somehow by a wooden stake. As the beast lunges forward, it hefts this mallet into the air, every muscle in its' body quivering, "arm" strained to the very limits of its reach as it lets fly. Again and again, with these hammers obtained from gods-know-where, it surges forward and releases them into the cold and apathetic sky.

They twirl end-over-end in a gravity-defying way, floating up in a high glittering arc, the weight of their heads entirely superseding the negligible heft of their handles. The twirling motion slows down as they begin their descent, eventually stopping as the hammers plunge headfirst downwards into the surf. There is a disconcerting pause as each one hits water resistance, before they connect with the ocean's bed below, with an grinding impact that causes the very ground beneath us to kick violently upwards and tremble.

Mom begins to panic, and we rush along the coast to a sort of little cafeteria-like area under a cabana, with many little serving windows set into the rockface behind it (picture the cafe joint in Dark City, only outdoors). At this point, my brother (sans red cap) comes walking down a staircase also set into the cliff, done with swimming practice, having evaded the giant hammer assault like a true professional, which I am failing to convince my mom he IS, so I can only approach him and go, "Help me out here, man, she's angsting, get 'er off me!" In response to which he can only roll his eyes, before grabbing her by the shoulders and shaking her gently to snap her out of panicky, fluttery mode...

... then the grey light is coming through the blinds, and I'm awake, thinking that mysterious subconscious demons can look cute in sprite form, and there was this theme song that kept playing in my head, in its' original midi format, all the way out the door...

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Nifty Dream!

Wonder what it woulda been like in color?

And with scent?

mmmmm...dead fish on the beach smell...yummy! :)

That came out rather interesting in light of the dream. It almost seemed like it fast-forwarded in jumps. Did it? Mine do that sometimes and drives me buggy. Meanwhile, maybe your bro should check out the coast guard. :)

So, can we get an update on some of your characters anytime soon via dreams? that'd be cool if you have any dreams about them , too. Not to be pushy or nothing. (But I know I am)


Not really fast-forwarding; more like the blank space between scene-paragraphs in a book. Things happened in those times, they're just not worth the noting, and I wanted to write out the details quickly before they got hazy.

Dreams featuring my characters... I don't have those, my characters avoid my dreamspace like the plague, which is why I'm always so terribly fascinated when YOU have such.

Dream-pieces for the Thieves-world characters... Hmm. Freeman-dreams would doubtless be quite bizarre, but possibly interesting. Nic, barring the occasional astral-travel moment, dreams very rarely - like a lot of people in life, he sleeps like the dead (cough) but too briefly, and thus finds his visions creeping up out of the corner of the eye during waking hours. Guerra dreams... hmm.




Ahem. Perhaps. Yes perhaps, sometime. ^_^'

Whoah. I TOTALLY was picturing Dark City all Beach-ified so when you mentioned it, I could only grin.

P.S...I've been having this weird re-occuring family-generation-dream thing. More to come if I have time.

The beach itself wasn't really much like Dark City, but I think the fact that I watched it again a couple weeks ago probably is the reason for that little cafeteria-area.

And, it looks like you just posted that dream, so off I go to read...

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