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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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This is spooky, Halloween or no.

The kitty speaks truth.

The curse of having super powers

FF7 and Halloween. Penny Arcade is made of awesome.

Fashion victim:
Like any well prepared Nekomata, I was lightly body-armored in a pair of leather guard leggings. The only issue with them was, when worn with low-top shoes, the bottom edge of the legging may actually sneak in over the top of the back of one's shoe, chafing the back of the ankle slightly. This slight chafe may prove difficult to notice whilst one is busy in night-time combat manuevers, saturated in magical elixirs so as to be entirely numb to pain. However, the following day these chafed rear tendons STING LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER WITH EVERY STEP. *OuCh*!! Sad kitty.

Memorable quote of the evening.
(Rallying the homeless in front of 7-11)
Panhandler: Oh, shit! He got that costume! That's thug fo' real! Hell yeah!
Me: You know I motherfucking represent, dawg.
Panhandler: Hell yeah! Can I get a dolla?
Me: Hell no.

I completely forgot to bring Trey's costume and Brit's sweatshirt because I'm a self-absorbed cat and it's all about ME, dammit.

Noteable costumes
Micro-Neo bent reality so as to appear three feet tall whilst eluding Agents at Stonestown.

Tiny Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, despite being about 4 feet tall, wore an authentic-looking trench with laces, buckles, and straps in all the proper places. His little brother right next to him wore a JTHM shirt, just in case anyone wasn't getting it.

Find your polling place.
Help us avoid another four year horror story.

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Oregon votes by mail.:) Heeheeheehee! Suckers....

::hugs::Just yankin' yer chain,'migo.

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