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The morning after

"Good morning."
"How you doing today?"
"Well, a little depressed, but other than that..."
"Large, please."

I collect the only change I'm going to see today. The coffee shop is very subdued this morning. It's a grey day... the sky is visible, but the luminate value is low. The world is like a just-developed Polaroid that I keep shaking around aimlessly, but no matter how many times I click reload on, the picture isn't going to get any clearer. It's done.

There seems to be a widespread presentiment that if you voted Kerry in California, your vote didn't matter so much. This is untrue. It is BECAUSE of your vote that this state is a better place to be; it is a fallacy to think that your vote "doesn't count" if your state didn't come down to a 1% margin. Had the anti-Bush campaign been able to claim the popular vote once again this year, it would have allowed us to make what I believe to be necessary inquiries about the security of our increasingly electronic voting system, inquiries that now will most likely not happen. Your vote ALWAYS matters.

Were people in my age range this disappointed when Reagan got elected for his second term? I say "people" like I'm talking about a majority, but clearly, I'm not. We have elected a drunken bible-thumping fratboy to take charge of things, because that is who most people expect to be in charge of things. And the fratboy is more worried about some punk in the corner of the room jumping up and kneecapping him in his World Trade Center, more worried about who he's going to shake down for lunch money without the teacher seeing, more worried about looking impressive than doing the right thing. We put him in charge, and perhaps he is an apt representative of our culture in its' real form, not in the idealized republic that exists in my dreams but has never quite planted both feet in this reality.

Kerry's campaign was run on Logos, this year, and it proved as always to be a weak defense against a campaign waged in Pathos. Logic is not, nor has it ever, been a solid defense against zealotry, and that is why Kerry lost the race. People vote with their hearts, not with their heads, and American hearts are younger than other countries' hearts by many centuries. The young are not stupid, but their concerns are simple and immediate. "Eventual social reform, more responsible attitude towards foreign affairs, improved support of our populace through increasing taxes and putting money into health care..." Such concerns are good, but diffuse. As memes, their transmission speed is low. Bush's campaign reduces to much simpler, more transmittable terms. "Fight evil. Cut taxes. Faith." The policies behind them, logically, are bad and ill-considered, but the ideals behind them transmit rapidly and well. The thugs in office spoke in the language of God and Fear, and they got the response they wanted from the American public.

I am done making fun of Bush. Making fun of the guy punching you in the mouth is a fruitless activity. Belittling him doesn't get him out of office, a point that he has proved twice over to our misfortune. Intelligence is not a primary, nor really even a crucial, part of the formula for maintaining a governing rulership; smart people get robbed frequently. As a Republican legistlature begins making its' policy changes this year, our society begins to take its' tottering steps on the downhill road to hierarchy, and that is a natural, possibly inevitable, progression for any large empire, but it is certainly not a progression that holds good things in store for you or me. Such societies reach a certain point, stagnate, and fall of course, but the privileged classes enjoy high times in the meantime, and it will be difficult to convince them that anything about this formula is wrong. Can we, through the tools of information management and increased communication speed, try to break free of this cycle and actually reach that goal of being an enlightened democratic society? Or will we be reduced to 1s and 0s?

Liberals all over the place are swearing that they're leaving the country. (I actually know someone who stuck to their guns and did it in 2000, props to that crazy bastard!) I kid about it, but I'm not going anywhere. If I left everywhere where I was a minority, I'm not entirely sure where I'd be today, but someone would be looking at my back, no doubt. I am, in my odd way, a patriot, and I believe in the ideals this place was founded on, enough to stay here and watch them tarnish, and tell stories about when they were bright. I'm not an important activist, nor a particularly vocal minority, nor part of a guerrilla network of resistance fighters. I'm just a guy with a job and stuff who writes from time to time. But one thing I'm not, is good at running. And if the only reason I'm going down with the ship is because I'm not a strong swimmer, well, maybe I can at least light a little fire to pass the time.

Stay healthy, stay smart, stay ready. Your rights are what They say they are, and nothing really belongs to you at all, except for what you hold in your heart. So hold on tight.

One other thing.

FUCK fuck Fuckfuck fuckety fucking FUCK.

This is what he's thinking.

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I Can Help With That!

Yanno, I always find a few hours of intensive fantasy/sci-fi RPing can take my mind off of how much I believe this country is going to Hell in a handbasket!


Call me, I've got lots of time to RP lately with Buck off work and not having to get up at five in the AM.


Re: I Can Help With That!

I will of course notify you posthaste, Cap'n. On the downside, work is ramping up a bit, but on the upside, I have a PC now! Though I am lacking Word, and have only Wordpad to edit with...

Well said! I empathize with your thoughts. This current administration has struck a chord with much of America, a major chord for some and a minor chord for others. The polarizing nature of this campaign and the last four years has shown the deep cultural divide in our nation.

I first registered, back in 1994, as a fiscally conservative and socially moderate Republican. I admired Reaganomics, especially as a child of upper middle-class parents. However, two years ago, I switched my party affiliation because of the growing strength that the socially conservative have in the party. I hate the fact that our country is becoming some sort of pseudo-theocratic demagoguery! I heard it said on NPR, that it puts us more in line with democracies like Nigeria and Saudi Arabia rather than with our traditional allies: Western Europe and Japan.


It is a frighteningly short step from being the "faith President" to being the "President who speaks on behalf of God Almighty," isn't it?

It's been pointed out that he doesn't really refer to Jesus or Jehovah or any number of traditionally recognized Judeo Christian figures, at least not very often, but tends to simply mention his ambiguous "faith" whenever the opportunity presents itself.

I don't think we're looking at our country's darkest time (yet)... the voter turnout gave me a lot of hope. At the same time, I can't help but shudder at the thought of what hurdles we will face in the aftermath of four years of a right wing Senate, right wing Executive Branch, and several right wing judicial appointments looming. T_T

"I love my country,
by which I mean I am indebtly joyfully to all the people throughout its history that have fought the government to make right...
Who cam through slaughter,
through hell and high water
so that I could stand here
and hold breathlessly the sight
how a great river of tears
is cutting a grand canyon of light."

Ani Di Franco; educated guess

The girl's a wonder live, if you haven't seen her yet. ^_^

I missed her in Tampa, I'd just come back up here. Then, when I went to Orlando...she'd juuuuuust played in Tampa the week before. -_- And to my knowledge, she's never been to this backwards town.

Edited to fix a few of the most hideous grammatical errors. But not all of them.

I adore your lj icons.

Late and not great

Wow. Nice post. Good thoughts. Especially the second to last line. So good in fact that I'm writing a comment more than six months late.

When I had to get my driver's license in the US, they asked me about political parties and I thought it was cool to check "decline to join a political party." But then when "they" started building a BS case for war and I had to renew my license, I registered as a Democrat out of protest.

God, it's so irritating, and I hate it. The deception and preying on peoples' weaknesses by appearing to be simply virtuous. And I'm tired of them using my God's name as if He were their lobbyist. He isn't like that, and He's so much bigger and forgiving than I am. He's not about preaching lofty-sounding moral values and posting commandments in the courthouse. (Someone wondered why they love posting the 10C but never post the Beatitudes anywhere). But God, God loves even them. I can't get over it, and finally since my anger isn't taking me anywhere, I give up and I surrender. To His love. It's something much different than all this mess. Thank God!

Ramone (The artist formerly known as roach)

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