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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Quitting quitting

I was cutting down on smoking. Sort of. I would go three or four days without buying a pack, then buy one for a party, smoke it over the course of a week, and hold off until the next night out. When I had a cold I went over two weeks without.

My new plan, is to allow myself a smoke for each page of creative written output I produce per day. Sort of like leading a donkey with a carrot, only instead of a carrot, I get CANCER!

God, I'm clever.

Merrily stolen from officialgaiman

History of the Hello Kitty Vibrator

Giant Squid are taking over the world

Ganked from hereticalpigeon via eurolymius

"Harecut" and more at www.lukechueh.com

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Hey remember what I said about adorable lj icons...

You did that *just* to spite all my cute comments, didn't you? ;p


That one just plain KICKS ASS!

So there.

The fulldamage livejournal. Here to bridge the gap between cute and hideous.


Your post is almost identical to Zach's, except in his, he talks about his stupid opinion on abortion and MAKES ME MAD!

Anyway, I really like that artist.

Yeah, I saw that mess over there and decided not to step in it. ^_^ I am maybe a wee bit jealous of his comment count, maybe. (journal envy!) Everybody has a damn opinion about abortion, but since I'm not having a kid at this moment, I don't feel particularly qualified to yammer about it, ne?

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