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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Monday bloody Monday

In case you'd like to wear a "Human Target" shirt by making noise like all the other skeptics out there, here's the information you need about election fraud.

Slashdot gives you a number of links to follow.

Commondreams.org takes a closer look at Florida

This Global Research article talks about things from the exit polls angle.

There's more out there... a lot more, actually. But that's enough to get you started. Mind you, I'm not saying this election was rigged.

What I'm saying is, elections are ALWAYS somewhat rigged, but now that the technology's taking a jump, and that the past couple of elections have been terribly close, people are asking questions. Suddenly, we have a unique opportunity to learn a little bit more about how the game is played.

Spent most of the weekend playing video games, reading the entire run of Transmetropolitan, staying awake, writing, and wandering the beach like some kind of trenchcoat and sunglasses wearing agitator-poseur.

How about you?

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::looks around.::


I have maaaaaaaaaaany secrets.

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