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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Technews Linkblast (Warning: Contains one entirely objectionable photo)

This article on BBC presents to you the story of a woman who had the remote control to her brain stolen. No, I'm serious.


In media and gaming news, HardOCP's investigative article on the dubious business history of those involved with the Phantom Gaming Console landed them in a bit of court trouble. But guess what? They won.

spectralrain, quick, go read The Machine Stops
by E.M. Forster.
Written in 1909. Get it over to Netta. And tell me what you think.

Via merikus, here is a Y2K retropsective, some thoughts on what it was, what happened, and a quiet paean to the techies who actually put in the man-hours to keep anything from going wrong, only to do their job so well, that no one would recognize what they'd done.
From that article, I also found a link to this informational site about the Year 2038 problem, which has to do with systems running C programming language. Hopefully we'll have our shit together enough to head that one off at the pass.

And finally, purely for amusement value, I submit to you: An Artist at Work.

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::read. stare. read.:: Wow. ::copypastesenttonetta.:: Talk about a collective unconscious moment. I'm only half done reading it. I'll respond more intelligently with um...ideas...later.

P.S. Vashti is the name of the queen beheaded by king Xerxes for not obeying a summons to dance at his party. From this event the old testament contains the book of Ester, whom Xerxes chose to be his new queen/concubine/love slave.

i mean

do you think it's still warm?

The picture makes it difficult to judge, but certainly intuition tells you it looks... we'll say, "chimpanzee sized," for now.

I once, in my youth, wrote a little story about a small stuffed creature that would implant loving children with cybernetic components, quietly in the middle of the night.

Where do you get fresh brains, though?

Out of curiousity's sake, we might do a little investigative work. Google the image (at the location you found it), see what turns up. Or look at other stuff in that directory, maybe try and dig up an IP address. Eh, Watson?

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