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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Convicted criminal

Haunting the City

There's a scar on the smallest knuckle on my right hand. It took two solid blows to create it... the second was sustained while packing things into the trashcan, when I managed to slam my fist directly into the lid-hinge at high velocity while crushing the trash down into it. The first, embarassingly, was to a styrofoam container, but to be fair it was a really thick, compact block of styrofoam reinforced by plastic, used by my mom to mail me what on initial inspection appeared to be a human kidney shipment, but actually turned out to be turkey, for thanksgiving.

Like my sentence today, it doesn't hurt too bad, but it could have been avoided.

Total fine: $1500
Total cost of first offense education: $806, for a six-month course.
Total jail sentence - remanded to community service: 19 days.

I believe in doing the time for the crime, mind you. Drunk driving is dangerous and stupid. Sadly, doing dangerous and stupid things is sort of one of my own personal hobbies. I got penalized a bit heavily,
A) for throwing a lit cigarette out the window. The judge informed me that if I had done such during summer, I might have burned the entire county down, that it was the stupidest thing ever, and that she would have given me six months of time in lockup for it. I did not dispute this statement out loud.
B) for having a BAC to challenge Bacchus himself, at .23%. I pled no contest to this, holding out for an even .25%. Regardless, you could have drunk my blood like fine wine. See, I actually could have USED that kidney shipment.

My response when asked for a confirmation of that fact by the judge was something to the effect of, "Hell, I don't remember. You've probably got a better idea than I do." Note to self: Check all decisions made at the brain level, before, repeat, BEFORE they reach the vocal cords.

In any event, I've been making use of my time on public transportation (which, to get me to and from work, totals out to just under six hours a day). I've been getting a fair amount of writing done, which I'll start posting here in excerpts, and hopefully you won't be bored to tears with it. I also read Asimov's Robot Visions, and am starting in on Sean McMullen's Voyage of the Shadowmoon. It also gives me time to just listen to music peacefully, which is something I never get time to do, otherwise.

So, good news really. My prison is still, as it's ever been, only the world. And the evening is sure to be full of interesting vegetarian jambalaya and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and all sorts of goodness, and it didn't actually rain ALL day today. So smile.

Somebody's got to.

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First, you should join Flickr and display your fanciful 2-dimensional imagery to the world. I've driven drunk before, but I've never hit a curb, nor strayed too far outside the lines, but alas, I am a repeat offender. I am trying very hard not to do this anymore, but now I don't know what is drunk driving and what is not. For example, last night I had two glasses of wine and a bloody mary before enjoying tea, watching half a movie, and eating many crackers. I felt pretty sober so I drove home, but I had ingested alcohol. Was I drunk driving?

If you have to ask the question

Then the safest answer, for you and anyone on the road (or sidewalk), would be YES!

All drinks make different readings, too. Two beers might be below a .08 reading, but two shots might put you over. (Not sure what your particular laws are for legal BAC)

Best plans are as follows : If you are going to drive, don't drink...if you are going to drink...don't drive.

Nuff said.;)

I got your LJ-text last night, whilst waiting for the train and humming "Riding on the Metro..." Too bad my phone is not smart enough to answer those, yet!

I am too self-conscious of my impromptu phone-photography to post anything on Flickr yet. When I accumulate more images, purrrrrhaps.

Me, I've decided I simply can't trust my own judgement while drinking. Future-me is continually trying to destroy me; I must remain vigilant against his sabotage attempts!

"Sabotage" has it's origins in some French shoe-related disaster, but I can't remember what.

Sabotage... ::ruminates.:: I'll see what I can track down on that word. I bet it has an interesting history.

Shadowmoon is bloody hilliarious, no?

Hey, all things happen for a reason. I'm glad you're A) alive B) have your eyes open for what can be seen from your new point of view.


You aren't the first person to go through it, you won't be the last. Take it for what it is worth: an expensive reminder to be safer in this crazy world.

Dude...didn't you ever see Smokey the Bear as a kid? Yeeesh. What do they teach kids down there in CA? "This is a Berretta...and this is a .45....be sure the safety is on before and after your drive-by..."?


... safety?


Think on this a bit too

Think about how your friends were so frightened of you that they could not bring themselves to say "Hey Dragon, you're drunk, sleep on the couch :)"

You're out of control mister. I don't even recognize you anymore. *slams a tequila popper, downs it, and leaves*

Re: Think on this a bit too

I'd have killed you while you slept, you know. ^_^

Hope you're settling into your new digs alright!

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