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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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In all seriousness...

... someone needs to stop me from visiting Cosplay.com and feeding my terrible ocular lust for girls dressed in men's soldier gear.

It's not healthy, I'm telling you. This is a cry for help. Help in sexy leather leggings. Or help out of them. Quiet goddamn you, I'm trying to write. You're talking to yourself again. In italics. You're a liar. You're a lier. Shut up, shut up, shutup.


*cough* I'm sorry. I went away there for a minute.

Before the biker gang set upon us outside of Death Guild on Monday, we had just enough time to capture this shot of jaspyr, poised on the cusp of his legendary Bacchanal Frenzy. It does 1.5x throw damage, and is viciously Ub3r.

After that, we all timeslipped out of reach, to when were all less well defined, and the world was still projected in RGB.


Also, I started work on the website, here. It's quite dull yet, which is part of my strategery. Soon, the subversion will begin to trickle in. Possibly it will also begin to archive some of my older fiction, or dare we hope, newer?


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You're a bad, bad man for showing me that cosplay.com place. Now I'll never get my homework done.


... er, well...

... yes. Yes, perhaps I am.

^_^ That Grant Morrison discussion that broke out it your comments forum was quite a good read. Now, go do your homework! Because it is well-known that A-students with glasses get all the anime girls.

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