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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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WorldNews Linkblast

Via warrenellis.com
Vampire hunters.
SIX Romanians have been jailed for digging up the corpse of a cancer victim, ripping his heart out and eating it because they thought he was a vampire.

From United Press International
Army suicide rate in Iraq plummets

Long story short, they're looking into the possible connection between the drop in Army suicide rates ofer this past year (9 this past year, as opposed to 24 in 2003), and the discontinuation of the anti-malaria drug Lariam. What I love is the quote they ended the article with:

Instead, the Army said, the deaths were linked to "failed personal relationships, financial crises, legal difficulties and mental problems like depression and psychosis" -- the same factors that trigger suicide in the general public, magnified by ready access to guns.


From BBC News

Has the Catholic Church actually seen the light?
I never thought I'd see the day. Some officials in the Catholic church are actually hinting that there are some instances in which birth control might be a good idea.

Cardinal Cottier said it was no longer a question only of allowing the transmission of life, but of actively preventing the transmission of death to a sexual partner.

A foreign terror suspect held in the UK without trial or charge since December 2001 has been freed from jail.

Once again, the most telling stuff is near the bottom...

The measures which allowed foreign terror suspects to be detained indefinitely without trial were ruled unlawful by the Law Lords in December.

To take their place, the home secretary has introduced "control orders" for terror suspects, which include the power to place them under house arrest.

Finally, if you're a Technorati subscriber and/or run a syndicated blog, here is a guide to participating in their "tag" aggregation system, which will help guide more technoratons (technoratists? technoratics? technorites?) to links you've posted or stuff you've written.


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The world is a crazy crazy place. Like that phrase, "allowing the transmission of life, but of actively preventing the transmission of death." Transmition of death. I know they're talking about a virus. But it sounds so...technical. Non-organic. Like speaking of software, which in a sociological sense, it is.

This is what I get for spending so long reading Snow Crash. ;p

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