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Raised by Wolves has been updated. Have a look, won't you?

Which brings me to something else I'd been meaning to ask your opinions on. Currently, both this Livejournal and my Blogger page are going by the moniker "Raised by Wolves." The more I look at it, the more redundant it feels. I think I'd like to keep that as the title of this journal for now, just because, well, it refers to me, and the journal is mostly me: my random thoughts, the links I send your way, pictures and unflinching fact-based accounts of my adventures with giant robots, memes on occasion, et cetera.

The Blogger page will eventually expand, to be not only a portal to all of the people I know and/or admire who are doing things on the web, but also a storehouse for my more ambitious (read: dull) written pieces, bad photography, occasional reviews, and powerfully mediocre artwork. So I think it's going to need a name change, and the sooner the better, before it gets any older and I have to smack it around a few times to make it listen.

I'm blanking on what that name should be right now, so I'd love to hear your suggestions or insights on the matter. I may never use them, but then again I may, and either way I'd still love to hear them.

Thank you all, every single one of you that remembered to give me a shout out on this day that I celebrate as my annual step closer to the grave. I love you all. And if anyone makes any further reference to my encroaching decreptitude for the next 355 days, I will get straight stabhappy on you, your family, and your little dog, too. True.

I quite enjoy Scaryduck. And Samurai Champloo is a love rollercoaster.

I promise you a magical photographic adventure next time, as soon as the Sprint network Saturday night coke and bootycall frenzy slows for long enough to let me upload. Cheers, netizens.

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I won't presume I know you well enough to suggest a title that encompasses all that is you. What I will say is that Samurai Champloo is the goddamned TRUTH and that's all there is to it.

fuseji's modus operandi is amalgam.

I'm still older than you. Get over it.

How about "Runs With Lemmings"?

Or "After Dinner Mints With Ravens"?

C'mon, stick with the animalistic theme.

Page looks good. Yeah, who does run google anyway? I propose it's the Machine.

I think the new page should be Portents.

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