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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Cult of Me

Chamber has been updated. Thank you for the name suggestions, all. ^_^ More pondering on netspeak. Maybe I should look into going back to school, if I'm going to spend this much of my free time writing essays. (I have probably 10 more posts worth of thoughts along the same theme in my notebook, probably more.)

Haunt is the small corner of Myspace where I've set up shop. Their design interface is coughing up it's electronic brains on my floor, and making me very angry as well. I mean, it's time to clean up the floor anyway after I exhausted the Raid can on that leprechaun infestation. But still. Anyway, I plan to use the site mainly to post short fiction, but I'm curious about their music-hosting, music-swapping, and messaging capabilities, as well. I put a little story up already; let me know what you think. More to come.

This is my del.icio.us listing as of today. Del.icio.us is a social bookmarking service. Firstly, it provides a place for you to keep track of all your bookmarks and all the odd little interesting pages you come across while surfing, and since it's online, you can access and organize this bookmark list from any computer you're at. It will also tell you how many other members are bookmarking the same sites. It will ALSO update your del.icio.us inbox with the links that your friends (like me! *beam!*) are checking out, so they don't have to harass you with link emails or IMs while you're in the middle of downloading furry snuff porn working on stuff. I think all of you avowed strange phenomena and pop-culture rats should subscribe, and add me, so I can see into your delicious brainmeats.

And speaking of brainmeats... we need more. kingsnake and I have been kicking around the idea of starting up a site for social rants, political harangues, pop-culture analysis, media reviews, op ed pieces, and the occasional "cleaning" assignment. ^_^ It would also be a forum to network a little bit. After all, pretty much everybody I know has some kind of creative outlet. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to pop off a quick art question to a professional animator or composer, or get a list of character descriptions to practice drawing, or ask a web-designer friend-of-a-friend some advice on html coding, or get the low-down from a magician on what a simple divination ritual entails? Because, see, all of you are no more than one or two degrees of separation from each other. The whole affair would probably be blog-style, with group posting access, and a sidebar portal for everyone's individual little corner of webspace. Right now, it's all just talk, but between all of us, I think we might be able to cook up something hot. Let me know if this strikes you as something interesting, and we'll jaw about it.

Okay; I think that's it for now. I know I promised you pictures. I lied. ^_^ Next time. Cheers.

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a forum for networking between creative artist types sounds very boss.

*stamp of approval*

A very tiny god is blocking me from linking your Myspace and seeing your page. Grr.

The small gods are the ones you have to watch out for. Vengeful little buggers.

Also, Myspace seems to be designed to malfunction regularly, to weed out those with less than 100% dedication. It's, you know, a feature.

If the issue doesn't clear itself up within a day or two, notify me and I will release an army of midgets to restore normalcy. ^_^

Still blocked.

Throw your Myspace url around! LJcut does not like it!~

Okay. Try going to my profile page, here:


Failing that, try going here:


and clicking on the fulldamage fiction link in the sidebar.

Okay, now my nerves are shot from actually encouraging* people to look at my hack-ass work. ^_^ Better post this comment before I shite it. Also, dunno if you got the mail, the Jerm's having a little bash at the Unity skate shop in Livermore on Sunday. You should roll out if you can!

Brain meeeaaaats. I like brains they're sexy. The only kind of meat I eat. Err...that is...being a vegetarian and all. Um. Moving on.

Ethereal collaboration? What is this you speak of? xp Of course it sounds lovel-lee to me. Brillant I say, brillant! And I just talked to you like two days ago and you didn't mention this? Okay, so it might have been slightly annoying to the computer-less-swamprat...but c'mon.

And what's with all the short this short that infestations and armies, boyo? You got sumthan against short folks?

And what's this about "ten or so" pieces of writing that haven't been shared yet?



When you lovely insane women called, I had only managed about 4 hours of sleep in the preceding 48. Blame my lack of lucidity and failure to mention ideas on that, perhaps. ~_^ Did I come off as pushy, badgering the swamp about maybe a logo for my site? I hope not. But yes, there may be a collaboration in the works. And I heard tell that the Priestess is out and about in Rhydin on occasion, lately? I expect stories! And we probably should schedule some time to push this Rohin thing one more notch down the gravelly path of continuity, ne?

Whew! And stuff. Okay, off to assault my keyboard for a while longer, then perhaps meditate on that dream you posted.

You may blame it on lack of sleep. Sure. I won't mind. And no, I didn't see your logo request as pushy at all, she sounded plenty happy to do it for you, and for free. And hey, having lived down there...there's not a lot of art she offers to do for free for anyone. So consider yourself loved, mister.

Yes, the wan sight of the priestess may have been glimpsed a time or two. Always lingering near firesides and engaging in cagey conversation.

And yes, let's draw the curtain open act three and see what this deus machina might get us. 'Cause there needs to be some carnage on that gravelly path.

Please tell me if anything comes of your meditation. 'Cause that dream was so matter of fact. Anyway. Cherrio, ninja!

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