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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Hyperculture in the Asia Market

"You see there? That's it," I said to my brother Sloe Djinn. "From now on, I catch you with any of that other girly-ass original Pocky, you better be ready to throw down, fool. Keep it street."

Sloe told me that I was an idiot. He did this without using any actual words. They would have cheapened a moment that my obnoxious retardation had already made poignant.

Beltfish, also hairtail or cutlassfish, are quite the mysterious monstrosity. Not much is known about them, other than the basics: they look like some nightmare eel-barracuda, they can grow to over 2 meters in length, they are deepwater predators that move in schools and feed on squid or smaller creatures. Basically they spend a little time in the sunlight, and a lot of time in the dark, waiting for something to cross their path so they can bite the unholy fuck out of it.

I can relate. So can these zombies. And these Ikea shoppers. Who are also zombies, of a different sort.

Anyone who has been in any store where they keep live fish for consumption knows that the pack the buggers in ludicrously crowded numbers into these aquariums where basically they have just enough room to writhe interminably until the slaughter. In order to keep anyone from getting upset about it, an apathy enchantment is laid over the seafood section, with this bucket of frogs as its' focal point.

They just don't give a damn anymore. Like the deadly Zogg, or a room full of RFID tagged children, the light has gone from their eyes.

I still don't actually know what these are. Neither "Geo" nor "Duck" seems to apply to the creatures in a visual sense. It's like those RPG inventory items that are so badly translated that the thing's function can only be determined by use, and sometimes not even then. I could have sworn it was blowing streams of water onto passers-by in defiance of the frogs of apathy, but I may have hallucinated it.
Zug, also, finds brilliant ways to irritate passers-by for great eating-disorder justice!

It's a bad day to be an octopus, and that's how you should feel when you eat this snack food. Ikenie understands. IKENIE is LOVE!

I will now no longer be satisfied with anything I consume unless it has been picked by monkeys.

And that's all. Fill your brainses with nutrients and spew the waste on those below you. Don't forget to nail your friends' avatars to the wall on your way out. Credit to beautifulpyre and autodidactic for the Zogg, RFID, and Friends Collage linkage.

Chamber has been updated.
Haunt has been updated as well.


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No one should be this fascinated by Zombies.

I had a good friend who died a few years ago, and he got me into zombie infestation and All Flesh Must Be Eaten, and such. He never lived to see Horror-punk really hit it's zenith (now, just check the hundred billion girls who claim that as their 'style' on myspace) or these beautiful simulations. He would have loved nuking infested areas from orbit.

See, we need to RFID tag the ZOMBIES. *TV wink*

Re: No one should be this fascinated by Zombies.

See, we need to RFID tag the ZOMBIES. *TV wink*

"Next on Discovery: Zombies in the Wild!"

I am now resisting the urge to surf Myspace for horrorpunk girl pages.

As far as you know.

Pocky and GooeyDuck!

I've had pocky. Though not sure if I've had MEN'S Pocky. Strawberry and Chocolate Pocky I have had though. And I've yet to try GooeyDucks. They always looked like a clam had caught some poor nekkid swimmer passing bye and bit off his penis.

I always took it as a warning to never swim nekkid in the ocean.

Anyways, interesting stuff on your other sites. Maybe we'll be able to entice you online with the evnts being plotted out...mwaha...

Well. That's an image I'll be trying to forget in a hurry. So much for my attempt to shed my swimming phobia. ^O^

Once again I'm fascinated by the synchronicity of a brain several hundred miles away. What you just posted in chamber incarnates into Words what I've been trying to express to the Amazon Queen for weeks. I found your turn of the proverbial mirror quite engaging, and if I could figure out how to comment in that venue, you might get a reply. Conversation in type-delay. *wink*

::beams:: What, people actually read that page! Zounds!

Hmm, are you having trouble with the comment function there? If you have anything in your browser that kills pop-up windows, you may have to tell it to behave for a moment by holding Ctrl down, as the "Comment" button summons a pop-up window.

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