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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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April Fools

Received via email on Friday April 1 at 3:23 pm

Hey guys, I wish I could get in touch under better circumstances, but Jesse left town today after sending me a wierd ass email.  His work said he packed up his things and told his boss he quit.  If you here from him tell his ass to CALL me.  He has the number. Here's the email, hopefully you can make sense of it.

Brother, I'm taking the midnight train to anywhere.  I'm sick of this life, so I am starting a new one right now.  No more saucy tuna, no more Pakistan.  This message is just for you.  If anyone follows me, It's curtains for Mingh Vahs, understand?  I gotta do this.  We're not young men anymore.  Tell the boy and girls back home that I left to go die a free man, on my feet rather than on my knees and in chains like everyone around me.  I took the gun out of your closet and refitted it.  I'm pretty sure in some round about way I bought it.
Good Luck bro, JvA

If any of you hear from him tell him to go home.


What I love about Jesse is, he's just crazy enough that nobody was willing to put this past him without doublechecking with somebody first. It was indeed the only April Foolishness I encountered all day, and much appreciated. Guitar solos for the legendary Onibaku!

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I had a comment, but as usual it has fled upon seeing the light of the comment screen.

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