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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Geek moment

Geek out with me for a second, here, I have twenty minutes before I have to head out to the good ol' Farm, where there isn't a single conversation to get into that doesn't involve trucks, sports, or the hypothesized tensile strength of the female security guard's nether regions.

I'm downloading the first episodes of Naruto, not because I think it'll be THAT interesting, but just to see what all the fuss is about. I'll watch most anything once, but tend to like my anime edgy, thought-provoking, different. I dig GITS: Stand Alone Complex and Samurai Champloo, I love GTO and Haibane-Renmei, and I am motherfucking PWN3D by Berserk. Tell me something I should be checking out. Have you seen the first couple episodes of Teizokurei (Vulgar Ghost) Daydream? That's where the background image on my page comes from. In brief, the adventures of a dominatrix who sees ghosts, her stalker, her manager, and her schoolgirl acquaintance. The writing isn't earth-shattering, and the art is only fairly good (though kept enjoyably simple, clean and spare), but it's got a lot of little clever touches, and my weakness for girls, leather, and ghosts makes it an instant win for me. It was just licensed by Geneon, and so will be arriving on DVD shelves near you, sometime in the distant future.

This event presented at the Metreon was pretty fascinating; a chance to hear the creators of the "I Love Bees" Halo 2 phenomenon discuss at length the concepts and techniques behind building Alternate Reality Games. I may actually go over this a bit more in-depth, next week.

Rehearsal went well. Thanks to a ton of useful pointers, I'm starting to get a feel for Handler, the middle-management of the assassination game. Now I just need to get off my ass and start bloody memorizing. I wish I could bring a copy of the script with me over the weekend.

Final issue of WE3 is out! No time to read it now, but I'll get to it ASAP. I wasn't expecting much from this series, and then all of a sudden there it was the second issue, and poor 1 is cybernetically scolding himself quietly in the middle of the night, "Bad dog. Bad dog," and all of a sudden I found myself completely into it.

Sin City and Kung Fu Hustle both demand your attention. Now.

Now reading: Aldous Huxley's A Brave New World. Thank you, spectralrain.

Now playing: .hack Mutation. It may be time to start another runthrough of Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. I never did finish uncovering the depths of Lucifer's plans.

Shows to see: No Means No on Sunday night, Immortal Technique on Wednesday Night.

Outta time. Catch you later, sk8rs.

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48 episodes deep, I have posted my feelings on Naruto elsewhere. It can be considered spoilerish, but trust me: IF and WHEN you get to where I am in the series, you'll have forgotten all about them. I've only made it this far because I have a good watching partner -- when he's gone, my interest goes with him.

Samurai Champloo & Stand Alone Complex are for yes. I watched the first six episodes of the next season of GitS:SAC (named, punnily enough, 2nd Gig) and was hooked, but suddenly torrents of it dried up. I'd get back on the hunt for them, but I can only collect and burn so many episodes at a time. Time that is currently being taken up by completing FullMetal Alchemist, catching up on Bleach, and observing the development of the peculiar Speed Grapher (while cursing the company that liscenced the Viewtiful Joe anime. Fuckbastards).

The few episodes of Haibane-Renmei I saw didn't grab me, and I have yet to see any GTO; but I LOVE how mean Berserk is. There are few pleasures greater than giving it to someone else to watch and having them return to ask "Where's the rest?"

Sin City & Kung Fu Hustle are my 2nd & 3rd favorite movies of the year so far. They were higher before I saw Oldboy.

Finally, I have heard many good things about We3, but lack the cash to legally keep up with comics these days.

They Saved fuseji's brain!

On Naruto: Heheh, thanks for the heads-up, that's sort of what I expected. It'll be a fun series to get into anyway; to be honest, any series would have to be absolutely mind-blowingly, heartstoppingly, facerockingly unbelievable for me to stick with it through that many episodes.

Bleach is kind of irresistible; I didn't even WANT to like it that much, but I find my head bobbing with the theme music every now and then.

Haibane's different. I mean, it's completely shoujo, a very quiet tale, and not to everyone's taste. It's strung from peaceful moment to moment, interrupted with an occasional tragic accident. Probably wouldn't have stuck with it if not for Reki, since I have a weakness for smoking, scooter-riding girls with wings, and Yoshitoshi ABe's art.

GTO is fucking unique. Nothin' I could say would do it proper justice. I need to finish the series out. Soooooo worth your time. For the love of god, man, could any of your teachers have claimed to master the PERFECT GERMAN SUPLEX?!?

I didn't know about Speed Grapher at all until you name-dropped it here, but it seems interesting. And I saw your Oldboy post, and knowing you have a nose for this stuff, I went to go acquire it almost immediately. This week, I will watch it, and I fully expect to be decimated by a tsunami of cool.

Languishing in the Land Anime Forgot....

Actually, all we can get on Basic Expanded is via Adult Swim as far as I can tell. They're playing GITS:SAC, but I believe the season ended this past Saturday night so we're all waiting (and waiting and waiting...) for the 2nd Gig to be on.


All I can say is if you don't watch it and get hooked, you have no humor in your ninja kittiness! A soul can't be well rounded (mwahahahaha! When you see it, you'll get it...) without humor. :)

Currently I'm keeping an eye out for more InuYasha, FullMetal Alchemist, GITS:SAC, and anything else adult swim manages to allow us to have (while wasting good airspace/time on things like Tom Goes To The Mayor...jerks.) I've heard rumors Naruto will be on Adult Swim (Apparently they figure it will do bettre than Fooli-Cooli...Yeah, me and my phonetic spelling...) so I hold my breath in anticipation to see who the Canadians will get for voices.

I know...I'm no purist when it comes to Anime, I'm rather attached to the folk who do the English versions though. I'm making myself watch the original Sailor Moon's in Japanese...by the 20th episode they finally stopped sounding like cats screeching at each other in a tin alley. :)

I think the english subtitles help me to ignore the voices...*sigh*

Side Note...Nickelodeon's Avatar: The Last Airbender is a great show, interesting concept behind it all. Man, I'm almost 32...I hope I never stop watching 'toons. ;)

Good luck on de Farm. See ya when we sees ya.

Re: Languishing in the Land Anime Forgot....

Ninja kitties always make time for humor, because it gets better ratings than convoluted pathological brooding internal melodrama. ^_^

I'm actually kind of curious about Fooli Cooli (Furi Kuri, FLCL, whathaveyou). All my sources tell me that it's utterly incomprehensible, but from what little pieces I've seen, the art and animation look really good. Have you seen any of it?

If I should ever end up near television again, I'll keep an eye peeled for Avatar, as well. I looked over a synopsis of it, and I do like the concept.

Re: Languishing in the Land Anime Forgot....

I'm actually kind of curious about Fooli Cooli (Furi Kuri, FLCL, whathaveyou). All my sources tell me that it's utterly incomprehensible, but from what little pieces I've seen, the art and animation look really good. Have you seen any of it?

Yeah. Unless they have more of it stashed away in Japan someplace, I've seen it. And, YES...it's on the incomprehensible side. There's the semlence of a plot...but somewhere between Beginning and resolution...it goes Beserk. :)

Of course, even for Adult Swim they "Cleaned up" the anime for viewing in the US. (Yet do theey censor SUnday Night's rubbish? Bah!) So you miss out on the Dad character's full frontal and a few other things I suppose...probably one of the best episodes is one where they take the time to romp like carefree sprites through different types of animation...


There is a plot...if you can concentrate hard enough to watch for it. I'm not sure I grasped the whole thing myself but I have a difficult time with some of the extra "stuff" I tend to view as stupid overkill of some humor...or something.

Man, just thinking about the series gives me a slight headache.

Anyhoo, it's late and I have places to be tomorrow. If you can get ahold of it...watch it, it's a short bunch and ovre before you can really grasp the whole thing.;)

(Deleted comment)
Myaaaaaa!! If you like what you've seen of Berserk... well, to quote Training Day, "Shit gets deeper." It's one of my absolute all time favorites.

X I haven't seen, so I can't give you any useful information on that, other than that I think the original manga art was done by Clamp! studios, and they never fail to be completely gorgeous, so it's worth investigating.

I remember seeing Hellsing back in 01 when it came out, just barely, but I may have fallen asleep on it, I can't remember anything about it. That's not to say it isn't good, GONZO studio's art is always sharp and fun to look at, I just can't remember the plot, but I remember enjoying lots of bloodshed and monster-killing. I don't think either one would be a bad investment.

sin city is teh shit! heard a lot o good about kung fu hustle

If you're at all a kung-fu movie fan, it's worth seeing it in the theater. But if you're on a budget, I also have a copy in a media format suitable for small-screen presentation, good sir. ^_^

I hate you for seeing Iggy's 'Beat em Up' Tour instead of me, and demand that you fix this with a temporal and spacial anamoly immediately!



Okay. There. I've made it so that I* never saw it, either.

Oh, wait. You probably were hoping I'd bend spacetime to put YOU there.
That would have been a good idea... shit. Oh, well.

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