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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Energy conservation

Ggk. Stomach hurts. Can't figure out wth for, as today's ration has consisted of ice cream and soup. Am I lactose intolerant now? When the hell did that happen?

Doing internal biological war with a cold. It's at a very very low level; I've sneezed about five times today, and my breathing is unobstructed, though my nose drips a bit every now and then. And my head hurts. Armed only with a few vitamins and these Kleenex tissues of dubious nature that purport to KILL GERMS (is that really possible for a tissue to do?), I fight back the beast with tooth and claw, keeping a chokehold on it so it doesn't go full blown on me. Maybe it will be dead by tomorrow. Being sick in jail is going to SUCK. There's no tissues, no cold medicine, no bloody orange juice, absolutely no recourse. Weak.

Spent most of the day huddled, conserving energy, playing SMT on Hard mode. It's tough; they've knocked the level cap off the Cathedral of Shadows, enabling you to summon creatures tens of levels stronger than you. On the flip side, you pretty much HAVE to do this, because even walking in to ONE battle without max HP, and getting hit by an element you have a weakness to, means there's a good chance you're gonna die. Even ordinary ambushes are hideous; getting hit in the back is almost always a crit, and watching your main character get critted four times in the back and killed before you even get a turn is a pretty disheartening sight.

Too dizzy to be clever; here, have some links. One full weekend to go...

War for the Oaks by Emma Bull, one half of that daredevil musical duo known as The Flash Girls. Looks like an interesting read.

House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski (that can't be his real name), given good word of mouth by spectralrain.

Speaking of books, Book Crossing is, yeah, a novel idea. (God, I'm delirious). Seriously, though, take a look if you're a frequent reader, you may find you like what they're working on. I do.

And in order to encourage more people to read more, you might want to check out TV B Gone, which is an idea that should have been invented ages ago.

What we Need More of is Science, the new video by gangsta mathematician MC Stephen Hawking. Hell yeah.

Here. Japanese Street Fashion. I could kill a whole day here. I think beautifulpyre spotted that one for me.

Superquick -
Conclusion to WE3 was lovely.
Hitchhiker's, I found to be pleasant visually but disappointing on a number of fronts.
No Means No fucking tore shit up, grey-haired badasses that they are. More on that later.
Didn't get in to see Technique, door people couldn't find our names on the guest list. Haters. More also later.
Missed a job opportunity due to being carless. Ohfuckingwell.

Food. Fluids. Rest. No particular order. (shiver) Blankie...

Aren't guys fucking pathetic when they're sick?

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More from Emma Bull!

Bone Dance was a dreamy read I was force fed by recommending roommates in 95. It was damn good, so I suspect you are in good shape with 'War'.


But not until then, or you will cry, cry.

Aren't guys fucking pathetic when they're sick?

Yes. Which is why we either A. fuss over you like helpless mewling kittens or B. nag you about taking better care of yourselves so we don't have to listen to your mewling like helpless kittens.


Anyways, get better sooner.

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