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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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New fiction

"Mac" courtesy of a.net

Rohin MacKurn: The Collector. One eyed, red-haired child of a timeline that never was. But she's got a toe in the door, now, and by hook or by crook she means to tear this world down and build a new one on top of it. Following a desert skirmish with a squad of goblinoid raiders, after cutting a few deals and cutting a few peoples, we find her here in the desert, rising from the underworld to greet the morning. But not alone.

The Poet: An old and deadly thoughtform shaped as a weapon, the Poet has amassed many labels, including "Godkiller," and "the Liar," and has claimed to have been born of the rock that Cain used to slay Abel. To him, all poetry is born of the passage between life and not-life, and his favorite genre is murder. It is speculated that he bears some connection to Odin, and while this is unlikely, those who bear his mark can oft be recognized by their brimmed hats, and having an obscured or missing eye. He has gone without a proper wielder from some years... until now.

Let us watch them dance.

Adding It Up

a duet with spectralrain

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