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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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How many cigarettes am I holding?

Smoking is bad for you.

<3 Sunset Chinatown

(photography by spectralrain

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the grim reaper is a chain smoker.

how quaint.

Two of them?

You wanna die?


It wasn't me, honest.

I swear this is not as bad as it looks. I was actually holding the second one for an Annette that disappeared to buy tiny clothes hangers and a midget chair unexpectedly. I am a very well behaved smoking kitty, and I kill only 1 - 2 packs a week.

Would it be too presumptous of me to assume there's one INSIDE your mouth as well? ;)

I dunno. But the way I'm feeling right now...I wish one of'em was MINE.


You two take care down there. Enjoy the earth movin' moments while they last.

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