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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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dark epiphany

The Sleeper

In an effort to make me into less of a slacker, spectralrain has installed a spy upon my couch. The delightful a.net is out there 24-7 doing art-related stuff and generally being productive and helpful, which presents a thorny problem, as I was attempting to be a complete lazy bum during this treasured period of unemployment, and now I have to act like I'm on my shit.

Thus: Chamber has been updated.

Take a look when you get a chance, holla at me about it.

Speaking of brilliant people who are on their shit constantly just to irritate the less-motivated subgenii, autodidactic regularly and unflinchingly digs out her heart in words, and bounces it off your brainpan to make funny shapes. If you haven't, go check her out. Make friends.

Finally, it's not the first time fiction based on video gaming has ever occurred, certainly. But Iron Circus' weekly chronicle of the adventures of the Experiments, a typically atypical brood of Sims, is written with an engaging irony that caught my attention. Not much of a General Hospital or Days of Our Lives watcher, me, but I have to admit that if I could actually control and order the characters therein about on a whim, it might be more of an engaging experience. Hell, most actors' personalities are schizoid enough to seem machine-generated to me. The Internet isn't going to replace the television in a direct sense, but the bridge between the two is narrowing as people's sources of information intake begin to shift.

Every day, we find faster ways to exchange bad ideas. ^_^ And yet, it's not the computers I live with that increase my throughput. It's the people.

Go figure.