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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Family humor, you had to be there.

Only funny to the brothers Barnes:

Sloedjinn: So, anything new on the girl horizon?

Fulldamage: Heh, please, you fucking kidding me? Is there ever?

Sloedjinn: *snort* I know. Me neither. Guess those skills run in the family, eh?

Fulldamage: Man, every damn day I catch myself saying some shit exactly like Dad would. The superdry sense of humor, deadpan, clipped sentences, everything.

Sloedjinn: TELL me about it. It's scary. I sound exactly like him.

Fulldamage: Well, I fucking swear like a sailor most of the time, so at least I sound that little bit different, but really, shit, I might as well give into it and become my parents. Hell, at this point my best chance might really be to just join the army and confuse some poor Asian girl into marrying me so I can spend the next 30 years not leaving the computer. I'd never have to talk to anyone again.


We laughed so absolutely hard, gut-bustingly, guffawingly. The kind of laughter you share with people who know when the hear something that's just wrong... because they've been there. My parents are nice people, good, smart, and honest people, and they're still together. It's really one of the world's great mysteries how nice, good, smart, and honest people can raise fucked up and lonely children, but it happens all the damn time.


A thought for later:

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This is funny to other people too especially for the tiny parallels like this - I recently gave up and started to act like my dad, but it seems he has adopted more righteous ways. Can't friggin win!

Ain't that a bitch, though? You spend two or three decades working up a reasonably good grudge against your sire's behavior, and then they just mellow the fuck out. (DEFINITELY a trend in my family) Hardly fair. Where's the stability, I ask ya?

that's fucking great. i cracked up reading this too.

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