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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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She's so cold and human...

... it's something humans do
she stays so golden solo
she's so number nine
she's incredible math
just incredible math...

Lithium Flower - Scott Matthews - Ghost in the Shell Standalone Complex OST

Meet Repliee Q1, a prototype android straight from Japan.

If you have the line speed, check out some of the movie files they've got up. Her broader, more sweeping motions are clearly too regulated still. But her blinks and response to touch are just... eerie. Eerier still, the questions they raise.

21st century, you amaze me. You are the most interesting century I have been in. ^_^ ;

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the Q1's nowhere near as realistic a model as i am.

I try not to refer to any of my android friends overtly in case they're still, you know, in the closet. ^_^

Why, WHY must you fodder the nightmare machine that churns in the back of my head? (Of which I had a crazy one last night involving an abacus of doom, several doors, some belly dancers and a bear.)

This reminds me:

Of a similar type of "android". A life-sized "doll". A sexual doll, anatomically correct with pert latex breasts and eyes that blink. This doll sat in my friend's living room, positioned differently each visit. Slowly, over the course of many weeks, the doll was clothed less, and I would often find it in sexual, come-hither, positions. Eventually, the doll wasn't clothed at all. One day we found a video camera positioned on a tripod, facing the doll, and a portfolio of provocative images. One image I remember in particular had the doll in nothing but a tool belt. My friend was not involved with the doll in any way except for having to live with it and try to understand why his father would insist the doll sit in with the family one Thanksgiving. Later on, his house began to fill with collectible porcelein dolls. They were everywhere now. On the mantle, on the tables, on the floor, near the door... Eventually I moved away, and I have no knowledge of what has become of the doll, or the dolls. The rumor was that the father was one of the developers of a lifelike joint used in the doll. Even so, the doll was obviously sexual, with usable parts.

It's like a Scooby Doo plot where the meddling kids leave well enough alone...

That just fried my brain. Childhood is bewildering enough, without having to deal with surrogate plastic parents, a doll army, and a crazy inventor for a father.

Most people, when faced with a picture of a human replicant, will respond with either
A) That's neat!
B) That's creepy.
C) That thing is totally for sex, isn't it?

Everyone is THINKING D) All of the above, though.

can you gimme the direct url to the videos? ... even translated I can't read that engrish


When I ask for cute helpess female sex android videos I don't want no back sass! *shakes fist*

Really I was just too lazy to look at all the different links. Thanks Ken! You'll always be number 2 in my book!

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