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dark epiphany

It's that time again.

50 hour work weeks begin now. My day now includes PC game testing, localization PC game testing, and console game testing. OT will continue, um, into the forseeable future, from what I hear.

Oh, please don't let me have a hellride.

Do video game consoles show a contribution over the years to increasing youth violence?
This report, incorporating survey data from the U.S. Department of Justice bureau of statistics, says that's a bloody retarded idea. Well, I paraphrase slightly. Spotted at gamedevelopers.

Legend of the Blind Gamer.
This motherfucker plays with blindfighting skills. Game on. I'll whup a blind kid's ass any day at Soul Calibur. That's just how I roll. COBRA KAI NO MERCY! SWEEP THE LEG!

This is the worst movie featuring "game testers" of all time.
It makes the Wizard look like motherfucking CSI.

Mr. Whinybaby, here, talks about the horrors of testing.
Oh no, brutal hours and no respect? Want me to hold your hand? I keed, I keed, it IS a pretty brutal industry. Anybody know/remember/worked with this guy before?

Sloperama and Penny Arcade's Industry page are informative sources for anyone ruinously unoccupied enough to wonder what my job is like.

Okay, enough of the mind-expanding yet strangely also completely myopic world of games et al.

You really should go look at charitypomaybo's journal right now. Charity Larrison is the artist behind the dreamish, heartfelt online comic Busted Wonder, and rather charming in general. So go check her out.

Also, rin_daemoko's writing contains a knack for prose, a splash of binary, and a level of sincerity that in the Livejournalsphere is no less than utterly refreshing and welcome.

G'wan. Make friends. You'll need them. When my brains melt under this workload, I'm coming to eat yours. ^_^

Edit: Speaking of, I can't believe I missed this on Saturday. ku-rai! Y_Y


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