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<3 Something Positive

"Everyone knows frigid girls take sleeping pills.
Now, hanging yourself... THAT spells easy."

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Voldemort's Magical Straitjacket

It takes a certain level of sincerity, life experience, and wit to write sarcastic characters well; indeed, even in real life, it seems that more and more people are trying to be sarcastic without the requisite IQ. Which just ends up being snide, which just ends up being loutish. Randy Milholland is no lout.

kobold = Author LJ
someposifeed = Something Positive LJ Feed

Edit: From kobold
When life's got you down, remind yourself:
At least I'm not a Russian amputee mail order bride.

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Oh. My. GOD.

That amputee website is the most amazing thing EVER. I'm ordering Tatiana! TATIANA!

You will, of course, provide us all with reviews and feedback when you do.

(Deleted comment)
I totally emailed you! In the game of email tag, you are now "It!" Not the scary clown It, but a better one.

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