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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Did he d/c?

Man dies after Online Game Marathon

Originally, I thought I was having a flashback to an event that I dreamed but that never happened. A little digging put my fears of accidental sidereal travel to rest, as I uncovered this article that I'd read a couple years ago:

Man dies after Marathon Gaming Session

Now, the second, older story is the one that most of my gamer friends have been making on and off references to (How hardcore are you? Are you South Korean hardcore? DIE FOR IT!!! etc.) for quite some time now.

But really. What's going on here, Korea? You don't die of heart failure from sitting still. Plenty of people in prison, in solitary, bedridden, or just plain sedentary and lazy. But you don't see "Man, 32, sitting on ass, dies of heart failure on couch. Are couches to blame?" articles anywhere. It's beyond my belief to think that a gamer wouldn't nourish themselves or drink anything while gaming, that just doesn't fit the profile. Though certainly a lifetime of eating bad food would contribute to heart problems.

Yet, the idea of the game taking your life away... it's got some spooky flavor to it. It's interesting. Two occurrences in three years is hardly a rash of incidences. So is this just an odd spin on heart-failure related deaths? Or, is there something sinister occurring in Korea's cybercafes?

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(Deleted comment)
It is true. I have a weakness for synthy darkwave fashion bands. I blame society. ^_^

Some guys on CoH were complaining about how they were 'Addicts'. I explained the Korean Lineage player story, and they were like 'Well, I still think I have a bad case.'.

I was like, 'You have NOTHING! If you are not KOREAN you are teh shame!'

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