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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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I will crush your skulls!

So, my workplace is haunted. I'll buy it. But I was unaware that the Presidio had an active team of ghostbusters working in it. I wonder if they pay well...?

He may not be undead, but shortly after this man attacked officers with a broadsword (and just before he attacked them with a giant hammer), this man was heard to scream, "I have a thousand years of power!" He was, of course, wearing chainmail. His millenial power did not save him, unfortunately, from the police-issue taser.

And, Jeff Rowland's Overcompensating answers a question you may never have asked yourself: If knowing is half the battle, what the hell is the other half?

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You find the neatest articles. Did you notice that the comic's sub commentary wrote out the word house the same way it is done in House of Leaves, the allusion to documenting the strangeness was a nice touch. I need to send you that book. I haven't finished it quite yet. I should. Later, Ninja.

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