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More writing, very soon.

I have words, and many of them, updates for all the bloody blogs I accumulate. They are sitting in my notebook, in my other notebook, in the OpenOffice doc on my desktop, in my mind, and in my heart, just like all of you, in more ways than one. I'm beginning to eke out a novel, page by trial by error, and if I keep going at the pace I'm going, maybe it will be fully born within the year. We shall see.

Tonight, though, I'll keep it brief. It shall have been a 58 hour work week, by the time I make it to Sunday, and I need a little time to breathe, and I need to not be hunched at a computer for a few moments. Computers will be the end of me. I will finish my life as a bent old brown spriggan living in a dark cave in the woods, and if you don't leave a snifter of blackberry brandy out for me on All Hallow's then I'll come for you in the night, to stare at you and stare with my pale lamplike eyes, and stare, and choke you with my immensely strong typing fingers that crackle with carpal tunnel as they wrap around your tender neck.

But now, my world is safe and dry, and I must remember to appreciate that. It's madness down there, from what the news tells, bodies in the street, armed gangs taking over hotels, don't-give-a-flying-squirrel-shit motherfuckers shooting at the rescue helicopters. I would rant about how thin the veneer of our oppressive system is, the proof being that if authority and consequences are cut off even for a second then people are ready to go fucking apeshit, that this is what the culture of terror breeds... well, take it as read. I keep thinking, if my grandma hadn't moved out here years ago, she'd be underwater right now. Or worse. There's a couple of motherfuckers in that town whom I hope drowned slowly, granted, but my heart and my hopes go for the rest. Be safe, and live.

spectralrain, who is generally on my wavelength, I was thinking precisely what you messaged me about. There is a mythic quality to it, how the sea has come for the dreamers and revelers, like Atlantis or Pompeii. (But don't you just know some preacher's going to make a hideous hellfire and brimstone sermon about it, all the same?)

And in this time of fraying nerves, the press needs to be more goddamned responsible about how they handle their coverage. To paraphrase kingsnake, I know that no one's accountable for a slip like that. That's part of the problem.

For those LJers who don't already follow her, docbrite is updated now and again, letting us know that Poppy's weathering the storm as best she can.

Enough of my half-baked musings on that topic. A couple of other items:

Square Enix bids to acquire Taito.
Geek news alert. Anybody dare to speculate on what might come out of this one? Did you know that Space Invaders actually caused a quarter shortage in Japan when it was launched there?

eurolymius has notified me that, finally, someone's bringing pirates and porn together, the way they were meant to be. ^_^

Finally, a little bit of art love, from the talented teadee. Say hi to the Lost Boy, who happens to live in my head, and escapes into the world via the word, when I'm not paying careful attention. More can be found at yorus_artbook.


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Pirate Porn is sacred of the Spaghetti Lord of ALL!

You cannot ignore him! His pasta powers rule!

Create more pirates! Teach the infidels!

Re: Pirate Porn is sacred of the Spaghetti Lord of ALL!

Your knowledge of matters of the spirit is vast, my friend. Perhaps we should send the School Board a copy of this holy film along with the next copy of the Spaghetti Lord's manifesto... or would that perhaps dilute the message...?

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