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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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The Parable of Soulless Bear

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i need to get rid of some pocky myself...

"... if you know what I mean."

^_^ I find Pocky, like iPods and other omnipresent fads, to be deeply sinister for reasons I cannot fully explain.

"omnipresent fads"

interesting idea. if something sticks around like FOREVER and is still considered a fad, damn dude that's like the devil! sunday law here we come!

(Deleted comment)
this is teh awesome!

Danke! kingsnake is fully responsible for the art, I must note. ^_^ Time is a bloody rare commodity for me lately, but perhaps further cartoon adventures will ensue.

The Oracle has Spoken!

Crazy bastards.

Re: The Oracle has Spoken!

Don't you want to hug the cute widdle bear?

He's so, so cold... always so cold...

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