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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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If you would just stop being adorable, I could get some fucking work done.

His name is probably Gotham, though there was a half-considered vote for "Pai-Mei" due to his sort of fu-manchu whiskers and white chin patch.

I am trying very hard to think of him as Trey and Tippy's cat, not MY cat. His tendency to latch onto my arm and mewl or purr every now and then makes this resolution extremely difficult.

Hunter-killer mode engage. Nightvision active.

The guy left him at Tippy's pet food store (they don't even have animals there). No cage or anything, just carried the little sucker in, dropped him off in someone's hands. "Wanna hold a kitten? Here. Seeya." I guess his landlord told him to get rid of it. You can feel his little ribs distinctly.

I tried my best to be objective. I asked if we had enough space. I asked if we're here often enough to tend to a kitten, make sure he's got everything he needs. It's an investment. It's a responsibility. Somebody's got to take care of it if you split the city or country. Vets, food, nerves, and my squeamishness about "indoors" animals in an urban environment, I know domestication's been around for a long time now, but sometimes it doesn't sit well with me, and I think about the birds, parakeets, the kind you see in cages. Do you know that unless you've seen a wild one, most of the ones you've seen have been neurotic on some level, if not batshit crazy? They have some of the biggest brains of birdkind, and we keep them in cages scarcely wide enough to hop back in forth in them, and they spend whole lives in those cages, and they go crazy. I wonder how many animals are like that? How many people are like that?

And then I saw him, and it was over.

He's clumsy, with the boundless energy of youth. Even when just walking, his gait will lift all four feet off the ground occasionally, as if he's only just barely heavier than the air. He can't stand his bell-collar, and I don't blame him, but we'd never find him in here without it, for he is under everything table or desk or piece of furniture, inside of every closet, chasing his toys endlessly. Sometimes he'll force an entire leg through the collar, which he can't then get back out, and will sort of stumble around like that defiantly. He's clumsy, but endlessly springy, and curious, and seems compelled to go everywhere at top speed.

I was organizing my newly salvaged bookshelf when I turned around to find he'd crept in and simply passed out cold, right behind me, one leg through that collar as usual. I carefully squeeze the authority-resisting little forelimb out of there, and give him a scratch behind the ears to make sure he's okay, and the little bastard starts purring.

I mean seriously, jesus, WTF I can't take it. He chases his tail, for gods' sakes! Everything he DOES is cute. It's obnoxious! Help. I'm doomed.

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It's a slow and subversive invasion...

Welcome to my world. Though I actually asked for this one, once again. :)

If I could do pictures, you would find a black cat with a white chin patch and white paws...oddly similar to your own little terror. Only Shadow Blaze, as he is so Named, has a white "blaze" up his nose that stops right between his luminescent eyes. *sigh*

Right now, we're dealing with those awkward "teen" moments. I swear to you this cat's voice actually cracked the other day. And he's still a klutz. And he enjoys taking naps in the bottom of the refrigerator whenever he can sneak in undetected. Yes, I said "in" the refrigerator...

Frankly, I think they're something like the Borg. Only the infection isn't a physically obvious one and there's more fur. :)

You WILL be asssimilated and enslaved to make their distinctiveness your only reason for living!


Re: It's a slow and subversive invasion...

I am weak. I serve the feline masters now. Their will is all.

cute kitten. the softer side of ken comes out =P

Shut it. I'll kill you.



And for good measure I will add: I love you.

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