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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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The Gibbering Fiend of So'brie-te

Grr. Page count for "Ballad" is running shorter than I intended it to do; stupid deceptive small lined notebook. But I don't want to fall behind on posting other things as well, while I work.

Here, then, is a dream I dreamt.


It was a long time before cursed memory came back to me.

the lid is above my face. the lid is above my face. if i open my eyes, the lid will be above my face

There is a nirvana, and it is sweet oblivion, and from its' gates I am cast out. I slam my fist into the darkness above, again and again. Oh, you fools who wish for immortality.

I cannot sleep.

I remember cursing my ravaged body to its' core. I tried to be rid of it. It did me no good. I drive my fist upwards, again and again, and the must and smell of earth and trapped breath pervades the too-close air. The lid is over my face.

In time, I walked into the ocean, and the cold blue closed over my head like a prayer. I wanted only quiet.

i cannot sleep

In time, the fish came to snow upon my bones. With sickening clarity, the memory returns to me, and more beyond. The memories will not end.

In time, I was the fish, and the blue, and there was no quiet. Generations passed, and I forgot what I had looked like, and where I was from, and all manner of things dissolve in the acid of the now.

In time, I was the world.

cannot sleep the lid is always above my face the time is gnawing on my bones which are not bones are which will be gnawed forever

Sometimes, when you awake in the darkest hour and you do not remember why, I am there. I am looking through your eyes.


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There was much more to it, all the details of that first lifetime, blurring into the lifetimes beyond, but that was all I could remember to scrawl down on the bus the next day...

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Don't make me get stabby

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