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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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dark epiphany

Red rum... red rum...

From http://www.bogleech.com/

"Cymothoa exigua, a crustacean, is the only known parasite that effectively replaces a body organ. It makes its home in the mouth of a fish, where it drains blood from the tongue until it withers and dies. It attaches itself to the remaining stub and the fish is actually able to utilize it as a replacement tongue to draw in and manipulate food, which the parasite shares."

This is either coolly horrible, or horribly cool. I'm not sure which. Can you imagine eating, or even talking, as an act that required teamwork between you and something living in your mouth?

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That's a manga just waiting to happen. The tongue-symbiote should also be into the black arts, so it could just start crazily summoning shit at some inopportune time.

From now on fuseji blames all his slips of the tongue on the devil leech that lives in his mouth.

Shit. It didn't even occur to me that this might be a story concept until you replied. It might even be a good one. Maybe there's a hideous tribe of these folk, and only their most exalted warriors receive the serpent's tongue; the demon speaks through them, and of course it knows spells. The warriors are heralds; they carry messages of the demonkind to important folk, and are trustworthy because of course, they can no longer speak themselves.

The demon CAN unattach itself sometimes... but all of the applications for that trick go immediately to hentai-land in my mind. Which might not be so bad...

Maybe there are demons for more body parts than just the tongue?


(There's also a form of shark eyeball lice; once the shark's eyes are gone, they hang from the eyesocket and attract prey to the shark's waiting jaws; the shark doesn't seem to suffer much from the lack of sight, reportedly.)

i see it as more of an "odd couple" type of 1950s sitcom. "Harold and His Anal-Retentive, Neurotic, Parasitic Tongue"

*cue laugh track*

I'm guessing the opening credits would be hysterical, and would require the parasite to wear a tiny top hat.

I think the last sitcom I watched was the BBC's "The Office." I need a bit of bitter and bleak in my sitcom humor, otherwise I can't escape drawing the conclusion that every sitcom character is mildly mentally retarded. No offense to retards everywhere, who might find being compared with "Joey" insulting.

"It didn't even occur to me that this might be a story concept until you replied."



Ken! It was the first thing I thought of. I mean, it's like having someone living in your head, and sometimes it can talk too, and take over your mouth. Does this sound familiar? It's so ...so...cool! And terrifying. Please keep throwing random facts this way. Danke. ^_^

Well, there's stories, and then there's stories. There's a story in everything, there's one in my coffee cup right this minute, though damned if I know what it is. Maybe I will know if I drink it. I will give it warm acidy belly love, and see if it reveals it's mysteries...

... where was I?

Oh, right. There's also the other kind of story idea that grabs my brainstem and starts spitting up characters and concepts right under my eyes while I'm trying to do shit. Tonguey took a little while to turn into this latter sort of idea, because I was busy going "Eww! Wow! Ewww!!" for a while.

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