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Culdcept Review

This Rod Shall Be Your Doom

A review of Culdcept for the PS2 at Chamber.

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Excellent review, both in style and the game it describes. Did you buy it online, or is it available in stores?

Glad you liked!

At this point in time, online's probably your best bet... maybe call the local stores to check, but everyone ordered small on this game, and chain stores have fallen out of the habit of keeping lesser-known titles in stock. Still, you may luck out and find it in a bargain-bin somewhere.

Awww, Ken in polo shirts! The cuteness is distracting.

Was that that game with the bright colors and music that you and that one guy were playing till forever (dawn)? I know, concrete descriptions are my forte.

Was that the night that Jesse and and the Bard and sundry other fools showed up, and scared you lot out of the karaoke bar? ^_^ I was playing against Jerm, though Trey was my usual opponent. Just trying to make sure I remembered the moment correctly. I woke up upside down, with a raging beer-and-sake-and-some-other-drink headache, and the first thing I heard was, "You wanna get another game?" ^_^ Good times.

Can't believe you scaredy-cats wouldn't sing. :P

Yes, you recall the scenario correctly, sir. Those named were indeed present, and I do remember the lanky fellow prodding you to further wakefulness to attempt to reignite the game. As I recall that had been after I'd downed some coffee to find you two still awake.

And as for singing, the rat is the nightengale, not I. Besides, who could have sung while trying not to laugh at those ridiculously generic music videos?

Speaking of cats...the Amazon Queen has proposed an outing of some unquestioned craziness this weekend. She announced further this evening that the soiree would require costumes. Her suggestion: "And I shall dress YOU as a Ninja Kitty."

::evil cackling!::

Hey, let's play, "Spot the Lanky Fellow!"

He's famous, you know!

We all know I am predisposed to ninja kitties, so I think your potential costume is brilliant. I think I should like to be a gargoyle this year. I don't know if I'll have time to make it happen before my local hallo'een party, since I don't get back into town 'til Friday night.

Laughing is the POINT of karaoke.

Speaking of nightengales, have you heard from ours? I know she intended to fly home for All Hallow's, but... I hear it's awfully windy over there right now.

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