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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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dark epiphany

Menagerie: things I must have

Final Fantasy Dirge of Cerberus Trailer.

Konoha Village Ninja Vest
Out of my price range? Probably. Do I care? Barely.

Final Fantasy "Potion."
The instant these become available, I am going to get a case. I will never be low on hit points again.

And to top it all off, the Sin City Unrated Special Edition is out.

It's a good thing I'm poor. I'd blow all my money on adventure gear and senselessly violent entertainment, otherwise.

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*Questions Credentials*

...what makes that a 'Ninja' vest? Looks like a Recon vest, maybe....sorta...

I demand verification of ninjatude!

(Deleted comment)

Re: *Questions Credentials*

Man, I totally didn't even think to add "exploding tags" to my shopping list!

Re: *Questions Credentials*

Heh, it's a Naruto thing, and bears about as much resemblence to Warring States period wear as Snake Eyes does to Hattori Hanzo.

Though, seeing as how ninja were supposed to avoid detection, and seeing as how recognizable "ninja gear" would kind of make that problematic, maybe nobody really knows what ninja clothes look like. In FACT, maybe the most ninja thing you could wear would be a FAKE NINJA OUTFIT, because then nobody would believe you were a real ninja, which is totally stealthy! ^_^

Re: *Questions Credentials*


Part of me wants to know what's in those Potions, but the part of me that matters would probably have finished three bottles by the time it remembered to ask.

Too late the SqEnix Ionized Loyalty Solution would have already worked its way through my bloodstream and to my forebrain, and I would lumber out into the street with their other brainwashed otaku footsoldiers, chanting "Orbis Terrarum Est Quadratus" ("The World Is Square.")

That ninja vest's pockets would be pretty good to store potions in, too!

ph'nglui mglw'nafh fuseji R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!


After hunting around for a bit, the most I can figure out is that it's some kind of herb tea drink, a hyssop infusion, with maybe a little bit of taro flavoring? Hyssop is supposed to be good for curing rheumatism, stuffy noses, settling upset stomachs, that sort of thing. It's supposed to be "soothing," which I suspect is code for, "You will become our willing servant."

I certainly hope there isn't some chthonic boss fight involved. I haven't leveled enough, and they haven't told me where I can get Phoenix Downs yet...

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