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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Your brain cannot be completed as dialed.

Work = pain.

No work because of being best man at best friend's wedding = awesome.

Shaved lemurs = awesome.

No work because of having four teeth ripped out of the back of my head by a mysterious old elf with a pair of rusty pliers = so - so.

Novocaine = Grlbl.

General anaesthesia = for pussies. (Hee! Ow.)

Swapping bloody gauze = ow fucking ow.

Codeine = Lovely.

Things in general = well, well enough.

More detail = when I'm not quite so... floaty.


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Always wondered what Santa Claus did in the "Off" season since we know his slave-elves and other third world nationalities do all the labor for him...

:gives you warm jasmine tea:

You are one crazy ninja for not taking the general anaestetic. o_O;

But hope your mouth doesnt feel too much like week old hamburger =\

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