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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Always complications

Complications after wisdom tooth extraction:

6. Sequestrii (Broken bone fragments that come out weeks after the extraction, but are often mistaken for pieces of tooth.)

Whenever a dentist extracts a tooth, it requires that the bone
that used to hold the tooth be expanded, or sometimes even
fractured to allow the tooth to slip out of the socket. Most of
the time, these fractures are of the type known as “greenstick”
fractures which means they are only partial fractures immediately
around the top of the socket leaving the bone fragments still
attached to the main body of the bony structure beneath. In some
instances, these greenstick fractures coalesce to release a bone
fragment completely from the underlying bony structure. Even when
this happens, the bone fragments tend to heal and reattach to the
main body of the bone during healing.

Well. And here I thought those roughened spikes and spots emerging from the inside of my gum were left over stitches or something. Turns out my bones are showing!! How terribly embarassing. I'm abashed. Why didn't anyone tell me?

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(Deleted comment)
You too, eh?

The rest of the article seemed pretty matter-of-fact about solutions to it... either it's gonna heal and meet back up with the rest of the jaw, or it's just gonna work it's way out and fall off. I hope my mutant healing factor kicks in...

i hate the entire wisdom tooth thing.

when i recently had mine out, i devloped a little dry socket. talk about pain...

Egads, I'm glad I didn't have to go through that. I just wish these stupid gaping holes would heal up (though flushing them out with the uber-water syringe I was given is kind of fun, in an "Ewwww!" sort of way).

What IS it that is so strangely satisfying about flushing those puppies out?

i think the fun comes from the curved tip, and the sheer velocity the water reaches as you press on the plunger.

so much fun!

Really, the only person who would've been wondering about this besides you, the former patient, would be anyone else who happened to be that far back in your mouth. Presumeablly that would be either a dentist, doctor or someone pretending to be a nurse and playing tonsil-hockey with you...

Kids these days...



... look, there's nothing wrong with liking uniforms. Everybody likes uniforms. There's nothing weird about it, and anyway that's my private business. I'm not, like, a furry or anything.


I'm NOT!!

*cough* Man, did you catch the game the other night? Boy, howdy.

So...the whole "coyote" reference deal....?

I already told you, I don't meow what you're yapping about.

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