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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Right. Saturday the 4th.

Saturday evening, Feb 4th. +/- 8:00 pm
Yancy's, Irving @ 9th Ave

I usually prefer to drink in a dive, but I'm old and don't feel like going out of my way. Yancy's is usually not TOO busy, dartboard for throwing sharp things at while inebriated, a very short walk from the Blackthorn and one or two other bars should relocation be in order, food available.

I will be there. I will be cantankerous and sulky in a good-natured way. I may start talking about the crap music kids are listening to these days, the death of punk rock and the confusing gulf between really good and really bad hip-hop, the mutating world of comic book literature, the odd world of video games. I may rant about work. I may reminisce about people I haven't seen for years. I may bitch about people I wish I didn't see for years. I may come up with wild schemes for creative team-ups and efforts that may or may not come to fruition this year. I will probably say a few things that come completely from out mine arse and have no basis whatsoever in consensus reality. I usually say a few things like that per conversation. You can try to spot them as a drinking game.

Primarily, though, I am going to sit and absorb beer, in a venue that is one block away from the bus home.

If you're in the neighborhood and feel like stopping by, feel free. If you need contact info, holler. Tell anyone who needs to know. Cheers.


And now, back to the word processor.

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Happy Happy pre-Birfday!

Aww, you used the picture. Such a cute ninja.

For an old guy.

::Duck, run.::


Re: Happy Happy pre-Birfday!


I'll get you next time, Gadget.

Live it up while you can, kid, you'll get old one of these days and then you'll really have something to complain about.

Take heart...you'll never, ever, be older than ME. :)

Happy XXXth Ken.

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