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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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dark epiphany

I shall become a bat.

The boy stares, transfixed, caught in the vicinity of 1982. It is a Sunday Morning, and in the living room Charles Kuralt is delivering a human interest story in his familiar, comforting, numbing drone. The boy and the newscaster are mutually oblivious. This is the kitchen.

His head feels strange sometimes. He is old enough to know, subconsciously if not consciously, that human action requires a context, that people will look at you oddly if you should decide to stand in the middle of the room doing nothing, or lick the doorjamb, or play with your toes for upwards of an hour. He is old enough to have mastered the basics of reading, and thus understands abstractions. But he forgets. The cool of the ugly 70's-yellow kitchen linoleum holds him upright, to watch the motes of dust play in the shafts of sunlight coming through the kitchen window; the smell of biscuits still lingers in the air. Wood between the window panes, and when the wood is between his eyes and the sun, the motes disappear. When he moves, the swirling dance returns, particles of matter hanging obstinately in midair, neither falling nor flying. He feels comfortable watching this, feels a kinship to this, a cycling pattern that is always changing and always remaining, spurred to action only by errant gusts of wind.

His father, after long minutes of quiet observation, takes a photograph. He notices this, only at the final instant. He is busy rocking back and forth, watching the shadow obliterate floating galaxies, galaxies which are always reborn.


Up next: Wondercon 2006, San Francisco, Winter crossover spectacular.

A few things for you to ponder:

Chibi-Robo is full of love. And electricity.

Pets in Uniform are the wrongest thing ever. Check out their Xmas section.

The Lucha Libre killer. Not exactly "Mr. Glass," but do you suppose she was trying to find her nemesis?

LED Butterflies
"Physicist Pete Vukusic at the University of Exeter in the UK hasdiscovered light-reflecting structures in the wing scales of an Africanbutterfly that almost perfectly mimic a breakthrough system forimproving LEDs developed by MIT scientist Alexei Erchak in 2001.Insects in this species - Papilio nireus - use the iridescent blue-green spots to signal one another across great distances."

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I was WONDERING what on earth Jon's friend Ashley (with the brightly dyed hair) was talking about when she mentioned Chibi-Robo.

And oh my god a female luchador murdering senior citizens. The comic practically writes itself!

(got the pictures, btw. thx and i'll see you boys @ APE in a few months)

Also, I think those ugly piss-yellow linoleum floors were standard issue for any house built at that late 70's / early 80's nadir of construction tragedies that cover our nation.

To be continued in fuseji #213: "Crisis On Infinite Nerds!"

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