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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Interlude: Judge me, and spare me not.

Empire at War hit shelves today. If you're the type who likes to order minions to win or die for you while you struggle for galactic dominance, and you have a good rig at home, you oughta give it a shot.

I like to hang onto a copy of each title I work on, if possible. Not to play them, for like Burgess Meredith in that Twilight Zone episode, "Time Enough at Last," those who test have the ironical fate of never being able to play and enjoy the very thing they have worked and striven so hard for. No, not to play, but just to have a concrete example of a creative project that I had a hand in turning into a reality. That little box in the corner, my comped copy -- it measures no larger than a double-sized DVD case, yet it contains something like 1400 hours of my waking life on this earth. Finishing a project always makes me reflect on the few things I have accomplished in this world. The game's scoring well enough, about what we predicted. It's a good note to leave things on.

-- aaaaaand, because everyone's doing it:

The Johari Window is a tool for mapping personality awareness; it contains a list of adjectives to describe i's subject. The idea is, by comparing the adjectives I select with the ones all of you select, I will learn from observing the difference between the way I see myself, and the way you see me. Its complement, the Nohari window, does much the same thing, only with negative adjectives, which is arguably even better to know about. By clicking on the links below, we may learn a little more about me, and ultimately you too. Alternatively, you may use them to brutally antagonize me, secure in the knowledge that I am far too tired to walk over to whereever you are and smack you.


http://kevan.org/nohari?name=fulldamage - Describe my weaknesses. (Don't be a wuss.)

http://kevan.org/nohari?view=fulldamage - See the results over time.

http://kevan.org/johari?name=fulldamage - Describe my strengths.

http://kevan.org/johari?view=fulldamage - See the results over time.

More to come, soon. Tonight, I rest.

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There's something strangely masochistic, maybe healthy and definitely obsessive about these things. I am compelled in my crazy to MUST KNOW!

I don't know why I'm so compelled to pick at the workings of my own head, either. It always either:
A) tells me something I already knew, or
B) tells me something I didn't wanna know.

Yet, I am a lemming before the oceanside-cliff of self-analysis. It calls to me, and I must go.

that game looks awesome. any chance of a mac version? :D

Heheh... eheh... Mac version. ^_^ Pssh.

Naw, there were many years where I had only a Mac, and was totally frustrated with people's failure to port things over to it. But it's just not a big audience, Mac gaming. I'd like to be positive about the possibility of porting it, but I don't think LA even has the facilities for producing a Mac title right now, and there hasn't even been a whiff of discussion about it, so it just doesn't seem likely.

i think it's something of a chicken-and-egg problem. i don't buy games for the mac because they so rarely come out, and when they do they're often a year behind the PC versions. thus, the gaming companies don't put out the games.


While you wait for that...

... here, go check this out. I'm in no way connected with this project, just fascinated by it.


Review forthcoming shortly.

Re: While you wait for that...

i've actually played it--it's a good game! i wish the AI was better, but, really, that's it's only failing. i love how it combines RTS and arcade elements--it's very unique.

Note about the JOhari/Nohari

As I said to Bec...payback is available on my journal and if you have any questions, well...their word choices left much to be desired. :)

Re: Note about the JOhari/Nohari

Heh, naw, not really. I mean, the whole point of the exercise is to see what other people see in you... if I go running around telling people to "see me different," that sorta defeats the purpose, eh?

That said, I don't have as much faith in the nohari window, because all it does is take the exact antonyms of the words in the johari window, which I would presume were carefully selected when it was invented. There are a lot of formulas in math, logic, etc., where you can't just flip it around and get the same thing in reverse. Still, I'm always morbidly fascinated with psych profiles and anything of that nature.

empires shmempires.

GLADius ..TWO ..where ... is ..fucking?!

Well, as the clock strikes six this evening, the doings of LucasArts are no longer my concern. My advice, don't hold your breath.

Also, grats on the interview. Get that money!

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