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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Go on, mingle.

Spent the better part of a day working with a design tool in MS Visual Studio today, and had mapped an entire scripted conversation after several hours' work. This is probably gibberish to a good deal of you, but it's the sort of thing that makes me happy.

For those who are less geeky, here, a bloody mess:

Catboy caught me a good one; it was unexpected. He likes to put his paws on my face from time to time just to check in, but he was in a foul mood when I picked him up to move him away from the door, and we hadn't gotten around to trimming the claws yet, so - slash! I had a big-ass bandage on my face for most of the day, which resulted in an amusing study of office etiquette, as everyone refused to acknowledge it was there until Ardry (bless her) walked up and said, "Shit, what happened to you?" (The natural, human reaction... right? Anyone?) After that, it was a blizzard of questions by everyone in earshot.
Things I said in response:
1) A barfight? Stop spreading rumors, I'm a goddamn model fucking citizen!
2) These eyes have seen too much.
3) Aw, it's just the syphilis acting up again.
4) I tell you, never stick a cat in a blender backwards. Headfirst is the way to go.

My journal is boring of late; you should go play in other peoples'. Look ye... a trove of wonders:

kingsnake with the quick heads-up on the DJ Kool Herc show.

untoward with a Valentine that puts all you lovers to shame.

Warren Ellis shares the real meaning of St. Patrick's Day with adorable puppies and children.

I've never visited David Byrne's site before. Links to his own music, of course, but also to a streaming playlist of a wide range of types of music he's into / influenced by. And his journal had some cool notes on the mega-animals of prehistoric Australia.

charitypomaybo continues to drop one beautiful Busted Wonder page after another.

antdevamp bringing you the insider intel - Alan Moore's feelings about V for Vendetta.

Gotta love you some Bad News Hughes. 80's floridapunk adventures, tales of Webelo horror, and fat guys in friar robes eating turkey.


I'm so bloody tired right now, staring at the floor is seriously more fun than I can handle...

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molto fotogenico! it must be the filipino ;)

Don't you mean... the thrillapino? XD Danke, sir. I'm sure my moms would second that opinion.

If I'd a little slower to flinch, I'd also be sporting a sexy eyepatch right now, too. I have this weird paranoia that the world is constantly throwing things at my eyes. Like, what if I was this criminal in a previous life who's trademark was blinding his victims, and now karma is hunting me... ?

It's this type of shit that I worry about, you see.

forget good or bad karma. sport that eye-patch, and have SEXY karma.

personally i don't worry about KAR-MA
i worry about MAH CAR.



::sound of Ken's brain imploding::

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