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One last thing.

Remember, and never forget:

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Ceiling Cat knows you like it. ^_^

There goes my *private time*.

You want a real private time ruiner, talk to someone who works at a retail photo-developing joint! I've heard more than one story about rolls of film that were clearly taken from... places that one would just really, seriously not expect a camera to be.

Me, I'll stick with Ceiling Cat. You ain't got nothin' he hasn't seen before. ^_^






He's checking to protect all the kittens we kill when we masturbate.

fuseji kills the kitty about 2-3 times a day, depending if he can slip off at work and [EDITED FOR OVERINFORMATION]

My god.

He totally is! He's like this hardcore cat from a post-Domo-kun future, after the Catsturbation Holocaust of the 21st century. He'd be a complete ninja compared to the cats of today. Once he tracks down the autoerotic event that kills the John Connor-esque savior of tommorow's kittens, he will self-terminate...

... wow, I am waaaaay too sober to have followed that train of thought as far as I did.

L M F A O.

So creepy, hilarious, and wrong at the same time. Ofcourse I love it :P

I really seriously cannot stop looking at it. I just keep pulling the picture back up and staring at it until I start laughing. I may have a serious problem here.

Two serious problems, if Ceiling Cat has anything to say about it. >.>

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