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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Geek assistance required!

Looking to establish a very small database system with an HTML browser-based interface.

Essentially, it'd be a way for a small number of people to read, modify, upload, and download text, document, and art files to and from a central location regularly.

I'm not a coder; ease of implementation is key.

Also, I'm not rich. Low-budget solutions!

Would a wiki system maybe be better suited to what I'm doing?

Advise me!

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not sure if this fits, but...

37signals.com has some web-based project management programs.

check out http://www.basecamphq.com/

Re: not sure if this fits, but...

Hmm... checking it out. I might give this one some consideration.

Clearly, my work mentality is beginning to bleed over a bit. But I was just thinking that a number of the collaborative projects I'm working on, Subworks among them, could benefit from a site where people could submit work they've done recently, anything from notes to full chapters to art to whatever, to see everything that's on the plate, and be able to access those files from anywhere you have web access, instead of mucking about with emailing each other files and whatnot. Plus the obvious benefits of being able to see tasks on a timeline.

I have plenty of space on Chamber to host such a site, and I think it'd come in handy.

oh if I was only a bit more advanced in my program, I'd probably have oodles of solutions for you. for now, we theorize a bit and stuffs.

A pox on your theories, wizard!

... that seriously was the first thing that jumped into my head when I read your comment. I don't know why.

not that i'm a coder or anything, but it sounds to me like a wiki will work for what you need...

I'd like to monkey around with wiki just because it's an interesting system.

... that sounded weirdly like an innuendo. God, I'm a nerd.

Aaaaaaanyway, I may try that, because a lot of the creative projects I'm trying to herd out into the pasture of productivity are collaborative, and it would be interesting to see them mutate by people modifying them over time.

However, there's an equation I've noticed with wiki. That fact that all of it can be modified by anyone at any time, paradoxically, results in nobody doing anything on it most of the time, so the work just sits there, waiting for "anytime" to happen. In the interest of actually getting shit done and producing output, I think a project management system is probably what I'm going to try first.

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