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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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A break-in to end all break-ins
- Los Angeles Times

By Allan M. Jalon, ALLAN M. JALON is a longtime contributor to The Times and other publications on issues of culture and media.
March 8, 2006

"THIRTY-FIVE YEARS ago today, a group of anonymous activists broke into the small, two-man office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Media, Pa., and stole more than 1,000 FBI documents that revealed years of systematic wiretapping, infiltration and media manipulation designed to suppress dissent."


The Hot 100 Game Developers


Purely for your amusement:

The Scared of Santa gallery

Encyclopedia Dramatica: Otherkin
"Fuck you, I'm a dragon!"


Creeptastically cool:

Some of nation's best libraries have books bound in human skin.

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:From the depths of her buried memories a spark ignites...

within a warehouse of gunpowder:

:eye twitch:

Nick Earl's on that list...?!

:Opens mouth to begin her rage but thinks better of it:


Just think...at least John Romero or Stevie Case isnt on the list :bleh:

Its rather funny I was expecting Jason Rubin to still be on the list and he was one of the odd dominos that got me into game testing. Its good to see him there as well as Mr. Spector (who graciously signed his ION Storm buisness card for me at E3)

Re: :From the depths of her buried memories a spark ignites...

::grin:: You'll have to share a few Nick Earl stories with me when you get a chance. I don't think he was still at 3DO when I was there. I'm predisposed to be wary of anybody connected to the EA product development cycle, since I tend to look at such things from a tester's-eye view. Of course, I've a feeling this list is mostly based on revenue generated by projects they're attached to, rather than the quality and nature of their work and behavior.

Say, read any skin-bound books lately?

That is creeptastic.

If you think about it the book you touch COULD be touching you back...

::shudder::I think I may sleep with the light on.

Re: Say, read any skin-bound books lately?

Heh... I love finding out stuff like this. I still toy with the idea of going in for a Master's in Library and Information Science -- nothing but a pipe dream at the moment, but libraries have always fascinated me.

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