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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Tornadoes for breakfast

I ate chocolate cake for breakfast today, because I'm all grown'd-up, and I can have whatever I want.

Plus, it was all that was left in the kitchen.

I realized again this week, that one of the things that makes me feel good is presenting a thought to someone, and having them say back in return, "You know, I never thought of it like that before." I watch them when this happens, and you can actually see them light up, and know that they will take this into their conversations and interactions from there on out, a butterfly effect of neural activity. It's like you can make people BIGGER by talking to them, and possibly cause a tornado in Kansas.

I realized moreover that I sort of strive for this, unconsciously, all the time. It explains a little bit, I think, why I keep picking up this disconcerted aura off of people; half the time I'm making all kinds of sense to them, and then the other half of the time, they're all, "Hey, nice haircut," and I'm all, "Yes, now I am aerodynamic and thus much more highly efficient!", and they're all, "Um, okay, well, have a nice workout, Mr. Barnes," and backing away slowly as though I were sort of spiky and might cut them a bit if they got their noses too close.

Sometimes everything is almost daylight, not quite gunpowder and not quite sky.

Sometimes when you turn the TV off, I press up against the glass inside, so I can hear you a little better. It makes the screen crackle a little bit, but don't worry. I won't break anything, I promise. It just gets quiet in here.

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Cake for breakfast should ALWAYS be an option. Always.

Meanwhile, is it possible to get some added areodynamic effects by placing subdermal "windtunnels" into your head so, like those sports cars out there, the wind'll funnel through those and therevby possibly INCREASE your workout speediness?

I could see this easily becoming the next Hollywood plastic surgery fad...it would go well with the "personal floatation devices" for many, too! :)

Re: Mmmm...caaaaake....

My superhuman speed is why it's so hard to catch a decent picture of me on film...

That's a good look for you. And I think they'll need demonstration of what happens to people who interrupt the Black Dragon's workout and meditations.

Use the martial art of incisor and rear molar, chewing until all offensive musculature has been eradicated. Pectorals, biceps, neck tendons...

Re: Smooth and Deadly


Some powerful and sneaky genius with a camera needs to get some footage of those guys in action.

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