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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Bush said to have cleared Iraq leak

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A former top White House aide testified that President George W. Bush authorized leaking classified intelligence in 2003 in the face of criticism of his Iraq policy from a former ambassador, according to court papers made public on Thursday.

Via antdevamp

Most thugged out, lying-ass, "We jacked your shit. What, punk?"-ing administration in history. You've gotta love it. Or else.

Hell, Cheney kills motherfuckers just for breathing, remember?

What gets me is the level of resignment you hear from people, from supporters AND critics of the administration. "Well, of course the election was rigged, that's nothing new." "Well, of course they silence people, that's nothing new." "Well, of course they're hypocrites. That's nothing new." "Well, of course they lied." Of course, of course, of course. But years ago, these things were criticisms born of experience. Now, they're T-shirt witticisms, bumper-sticker platitudes. Somehow, no one is surprised any more. As though taking offense to these things were some illogical abstraction, instead of a healthy alarm about policies that will come to reach you in your home and hearth, and whittle away any difference between a republic and an imperial monarchy.

This administration has single-handedly done more damage than any in history to something subtle but irrecoverable - our faith in the process.