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Raised by Wolves

Gaki: writing myself Real

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Sickie sick

Some crazed, incontinent wombat has shat in my sinal cavity. The resultant backup has caused brain damage, turning me into a vacuously staring mouth-breather.

Called in sick to work. Did my taxes. Need to go out into cold rainy land to acquire and send Easter cards to family members. Why could they not have nailed Jesus to a tree in mid-May instead?

::has a divinely-inspired coughing fit::

Mrgl. Fuck. Alright, fine. I'm going.

Tycho writes the songs that make the whole world sing.

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Easter is my least favourite holiday--which is odd, I love messiah Stories...

I've stopped sleeping, and have taken up coffee again. My body hurts more, but it's like electroshock therapy for my brain, and oddly it feels like I'm waking up. I asked myself today, when was the last time I wrote, I mean really Wrote? It's been close to a year since I've coughed up something of length independently. Then, in the last week insomnia sunk in her sweet teeth to my imagination's jugular. It's had the sriking effect of making me notice things, like the split conjuction that fragmented the grammar of my last sentence. Like the way the hair in a portrait I did wasn't hair, but a helmut. And that's not eye make-up, it's subdermal wiring. I worked ten hours today, but some how I managed to draw for three. Bought Ender's Game a couple of days ago, and now I'm scrounging for change to pick up the next one. I should not be trusted to drive anywhere during sunset, the twilight makes me forget where I'm going and I miss my turns, wandering the warrens.

I'm not complaining. I'm remembering. It's easy to fall asleep (the dreamless kind). Funny phrase, "to fall asleep," I've decided to research the origins. Hopefully it will be as interesting as the story of rhe sabo.

What is it about creativity (and me) that -- Nevermind, I've answered my own question. I was going to ask about discomfort. I write best when I'm...fighting. Some might call it unhappy. The thing is I'm quite quite happy at the moment. There's just something about insomnia that wakes me (and my dreams). I'm sure I'm rooting around at a commond thread here. And really, this should be some sort of journal entry in theory. But to me, it's a dialogue. Kind of like what you said about onversations. Words and ideas are the same way. Tell me you read Ender's Game so that I can reference the thildren's use of editorials to invent political positions and direct events. It was all words, all dialogues and it changed the way people thought about the world around them.

This is really long. I don't even know if lj will let me post it. Anyway, Ninja, hope you feel better soon.


Re: Easter is my least favourite holiday--which is odd, I love messiah Stories...

Apologies for being off radar lately; the plague-gods nestled in my lungs advise against talking, until I buy them off with an undisclosed amount of DayQuil. Although, a certain amount of dextromethorphan in my veins leads to the stories in my head breaking into interesting fragments.

I will go acquire Ender's Game; it's long overdue. Meanwhile, don't you forget Haruki Murakami: Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World. It's really worth a look. Hope you had a lovely Zombie Jesus Day...

I'm so sorry that you are in pain...

(dispatches a third string ninja squad from *regional* to go deal with you in your weakened state)

In mean time, I want you to take some time and think about why god is doing this to you. It more than likely a punishment or just a result of a doing something fucked up like ...trying to talk to him.

Here is my conversation with the mormons from a few days ago... I did some thinking along these very lines myself.

Them - "Sir have you taken time to day think about god and his answers to all man?"
*No answer.*
Them - "Sir have you taken time to day think about god and his answers to all man? Sir..."

Me - "Oh sorry..I thought you were talking to yourself. On blue tooth."

Them - "Oh... well we're from the church of latter day ..."

Me -"I know perfectly well who you are and who you represent... Elder Syphus."

Them - "Oh how?"

Me - "The name tag."

Them - "Oh well we're in the neighborhood..."

Me -"Lobbying for you're cause I'm sure. Listen, I have many fine young mormon friends and I have this debate with them all the time."

Them - "Oh what debate?"

Me - "The inconsistencies in the history covered by your religious texts. God having no answers for woman... but I am sure you just forgot to mention that."

Them - "Oh well... yes sorry. Did you pray with them as well?"

Me - "Yes I certainly did. Let it be known that Jesse Vicente Anacleto walks the walk before he talks the talk."

Them - "And what was god's answer?"

"I was stricken with paralysis shortly after but who knows if that was the direct result of trying to speak with a deity. I figure... that was a clear sign that god will talk to me when he has the time. Not gonna try god's patience.. no siree." *PAUSE* Jesse takes time to look at the camera and smile* *PLAY*

Them - "Maybe that's why we're here?"

Me - "So... you're superior to other mormons... you guys must be good. Listen I have very little time, I appreciate what you're doing here, but I have to go. Good luck and be careful."

Them - "You take care too remember to keep praying the answers will come."

*Walking away*
Me - "I'll pray now, My Lord, in your holy wrath, and mercy, please strike down those found unpleasing within my sight... in thy eternal love..."

Re: I'm so sorry that you are in pain...

Next time you send Regional blades to deal with me, you better tell them what they're up against.

http://www.hollywood.com/news/detail/id/3478770 This link is for you. You and Werner Herzog should have a drink sometime.

Last time I had a drawn-out conversation with Mormons (which was strikingly similar to the one you had), I was berated soundly by the young punker lady who's couch I was occupying at the time. Turns out that my younger, gruesomer, more mohawked-self had scared off the pet Mormons she'd been cultivating for her own terrible, erotic designs. I am no longer allowed to offer beer or wisdom to solicitors -- for which God is no doubt grateful, if disinclined to be more merciful to my aging, organic self.

My life will come full circle

When the day arrives when I am so bored with everything that my only source of joy will be to simply "know" that the black dragon himself is killing my subordinates from regional.

I'd think about telling them what they were up against then I would stop because it would be less funny for me and lose it's appeal, much like slashing up the seats at movie theaters did. Oh don't look at me like that, I had my cell phone off the ENITRE time.

If your friend still wants mormons for erotic design, I know just the family to contact. Sounds gross eh? Now imagine me saying that with a thick Brooklyn accent. The Mormon Mission - ary position. Oops typo.

Also, get better by next satruday. BBQ at my place for Shiloh's bday. We were thinking about a limo and suits and all that... but shiloh just wants regular old carnivorous party where be buy meat, assault it, and then eat it.

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